I’ve put it off for long enough, and although the excitement died down long ago, the ball was a memorable night. Admittedly, I let myself be quite miserable for the first half of the night (after we got out of the limo, my partner’s bad mood at not knowing anyone was a stopped on any kind of enjoyment myself), but thoroughly enjoyed the second half. I feel the night was wasted because of those miserable feelings- I’m sure it was largely my fault for letting her bring my mood down on one of the best nights of my life. Nonetheless, things picked up wonderfully towards the end. I saw some fabulous dresses, some impressive suits, and the hall was unbelievably transformed. I feel proud to have spent those hours moving the chairs to the Kenny Theatre. Man, if you could have seen how perfect the KT was once I’d stacked all the chairs in one direction, piles of six, four to a row… It was beautiful.

The afters was highly enjoyable too. Admittedly, Ellie and I do not share tastes in movies. However, once Conqueror of Shamballah began (the Full Metal Alchemist movie), things were much better and I cherish the night.

All in all, I guess I enjoyed it. Perhaps I’ve taken on the wrong sort of mentality, but I do kinda wonder if I’d have been happier staying home and keeping the $500.

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