Preball Prep

The Ball’s tonight! I confess that for weeks, I’ve been disliking the idea of entertaining banal social customs for hours, being deafened by blasting music and being immortalised in a dozen photos. Yet, yesterday, I actually got excited about it. I had a negligble haircut, got my suit, got some sweet-ass shoes (high shine- a dream come true at last!!) and am looking forward to the afterparty, small as it is. I’d go to it in preference to Cocking’s, even if it means waving goodbye to fond company as they drive away in the limo I paid $140 for. I believe Stephen gets a free ride, too. I’m actually surprised he’s not going to Beth’s party, but I guess he’s less constricted, and made the choice I probably would have given a change of circumstances. Yet, for three reasons, I give this notion of an afterparty a second chance.
1. I want to be with Willow.
2. I want to drink, but not necessarily get drunk. So sue me.
3. The combined force of Beth and Willow bitching if I didn’t go would probably kill me.

I wish Liam were there, but alas. I can only wish him luck at Alex’s house and hope that the experience is memorable for positive reasons. As to the rest of my friends, enjoy yourselves and if you dare, tell me about it later!

I need sleep. Although I went to bed at 9 last night, I woke up every forty minutes or so. I lost count of how many times I opened my eyes. I had some wonderful dreams of being at the Ball, and some wicked dreams of running from and engaging in combat with policemen in Spain, and some stupid dreams about potatoes. I’ll have a nap from 12-2:30pm, and will be suited up by 4. Man, this is going to be a sweet ass night. I can’t wait to see the girl’s dresses! And Jack’s suit. Blazing white. I must come up with a nickname for his Lordship. Anyway, rambles over. I may blog again soon with reports (if I’m alive) of the Ball and its afters. So long!

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