I’ve had an interesting week. The main reason for this is because I don’t recall much of it. A few conversations here and there, a few flashes of memory, just disconnected images. Other than that, nothing. Collectively, my memories could explain about half an hour of Monday and Tuesday. Why, you wonder? Give me a moment, if you have the patience, to let me recount what I remember. If not, skip to the bottom few paragraphs.

The first thing I was aware of was the clock across from my bed. 20:42. So it was eight o’clock. I glanced down, and in my right hand I was holding a piece of paper that read:

13/03/07 Tuesday
Royal Perth Hospital.

No matter how many times I looked at that piece of paper, I was surprised to discover the date. And with each old discovery, I panicked, worrying I’d missed Ivy’s birthday by three days.

My next memory was seeing the clock again. It was 11pm. They told me I’d been very concerned with the date and time- that much was evident from the piece of paper I never let go of. I tried to remember what had happened, but I could recall nothing except 13/03/07 Tuesday, Royal Perth Hospital. It seemed logical that I was in RPH, although I couldn’t say how I got there. I think I recalled parts of the CT (cat) scan, but only an image or two that make no sense on their own. It seemed I was lying in a hospital bed in the middle of a corridor. I accepted it without protest, vaguely curious about the other patients.

One particularly interesting man was in the bed next to me. He was crying "Please let me die!" over and over. "Give me a needle and let me die! Please kill me!" He sounded very pained, and I wondered what he was enduring. One side of me hoped he would suffer and survive to tell about it. The other hoped they would give him an anaesthetic and let him rest.

I was aware that I felt nauseous, and I vomited on myself. I felt very guilty, and apologised to the nurse who replaced my gown and sheets. Wait- why was I wearing a gown? Where was my shirt? Looking down, I was wearing my school pants (although someone had undone the clasp and zipper. Had I been thinking rationally I might have blushed) but my shirt was missing.

I also remember seeing stickers on my arms, legs and chest, and not knowing how they got there. I was fascinated by them- and the IV cannula in my arm- the needle they attached a drip to.

My nurse’s name was Crystal- I fell in love with her voice. I wondered about the legalities of a nurse-patient relationship. Even now I pine for her. My doctor’s name was Liberty. I told her it was a beautiful name. She asked me to tell her what subjects I took in school. Was she amused by the idea of a study period? She asked me to remember apple, pencil torch- where I was, the date. She asked me these questions several times- the only reason I know this is because one such time she told me I was wrong. It had passed midnight, making it the 14th- Wednesday. I thought back to the late Tuesday and tried to remember what I’d done in school. Vocal ensemble felt like last week- what did I study in study period? Alas, it escaped me.

One thing I did remember was wishing I could watch Terminator 2. Sarah Connor’s escape from the mental institute was always in my mind and I wondered if I could pull it off too. When I got home, I rented out a few movies, T2 being on top of the list.

They told me I’d be moved to a ward so I could get a good night’s sleep. I wondered what they were talking about- they woke me up just to tell me that? The Orderly that took me there made jokes about being careful because my mother is a nurse in the hospital. Although I don’t recall climbing in- I just opened my eyes and I was in a bed next to the window. The light that filtered through the blinds was of the same colour and texture as the nocturnal streets of Singapore. I was drawn to get out of bed to gaze, before hurrying back guiltily. I wondered about Ivy- what she would do if she knew I was in hospital. My rational mind said she’d scold me for hurting myself. My exhausted mind said she’d look after me again and made sure I was all right. At any rate, I went to bed soon after. Every two hours, someone would shine a light in my eyes to check the dilation of my pupils and make sure I didn’t have brain damage. I used this to measure time until 7am.

After some struggle, I managed to turn on my TV and was horrified to find I’d missed Naruto, V for Vendetta, and the Matrix Reloaded. After that though, things started picking up. I’d been told my short term memory hadn’t been too crash hot, but I was making new memories and keeping them- at least for a little while. I even recognised Liberty, even if I didn’t remember her name.

Looking at my left hand, there were three blue dots in between my knuckles. I put them there in maths, I think. My right hand had been dirty, blackened by soil. There were scratches on my forearm and left elbow, too. From these vestiges of memory, I thought I remembered walking to the pavilion by myself. I know for a fact that I’d spent the day wondering about how many sit-ups I could do whilst hanging from a bar upside down. I can only guess that I was foolish enough to attempt it. Or perhaps worse, I hung upside down then let go, just so I could learn how to land without getting hurt. Anyway, I’m told a junior school boy found me lying on the ground. I called out to him for help, and together we staggered back to the roundabout. I kept asking the boy for the time and date- that would explain the piece of paper I found in my hand later on. Eventually, Mum came to school to pick me up. She talked to Mr Kenny, the vice principal, and took me to hospital soon after.

Sometime around noon yesterday they concluded I’d had a concussion. It meant I lost memories from before and after the event- the event being most likely some kind of head injury. Those memories will never come back, even though I may feel as if I remember something sometimes. I’ve decided against trying to recall what happened. I did learn a lesson from all this though: "No more monkeying around", as Liberty put it. At any rate, I’ve got a lot of time off, and I’m supposed to get plenty of sleep. I’ve been forbidden from Taekwondo for two weeks, although I’m allowed to practice by myself, and I’m off school until Monday which is a bonus I guess. I’ll have a lot to do when I get back though, so maybe it isn’t such a blessing.

At any rate, thank you for reading. I know it must have been very boring for you, but these are the only memories I have of what happened, and it’s important to me that I don’t forget them. I’ve lost a lot of my existence as it is- not to mention everything I learned on Tuesday only to forget it soon after. Ah well. Days and days (and days and days) of reading, writing and gaming are ahead. Life’s not so bad after all, eh?



4 thoughts on “KO!

  1. Pat. says:

    Never shy of an old adventure, are you John? Haha
    Well good to know you’re recooperating.
    Cheers out

  2. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    Loss of memory isn’t a universal experience (so I think it would make a great story)

  3. Ivy says:

    You’re right! I felt like scolding you but then I thought I should not be so mean and look after you instead.
    Awww you still remember me. Happy. (: Take care dumdum.

  4. Anthony says:

    Sit Ups, do them on the floor…

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