What is an enemy?

A question I’ve thought about, but am unable to answer. Do you have to hate your enemies? Then what is hate? I wonder of these things because of a lad named Roy.

Roy’s a blackbelt. Yes, you’re reading another Taekwondo entry. Look, I made a whole new category for it since it seems to be such a pivotal part of my existence as a human being. Anyway, Roy’s a blackbelt, 2nd dan. I think he should be somewhere up in the 5th Dan region though. When I first saw Roy he was pulling off unbelievable reverse spinning back kicks through the air. I can’t really describe them, but his kicks were fast, fluent and flawless. When I actually met Roy, we were practicing Hosinsul – self-defence. I grabbed him and a second later he threw me to the ground. I hit the back of my head on the padded floors, and he told me to break my fall next time. I was offended by his aggression and indifference, but took it as a lesson. The next time I saw him, the same thing was repeated, so when it was my turn I forced him to the floor a little harder than necessary. He called me a psycho because of my fervour, and I hoped he hadn’t meant it. Today he was hostile to me when we were paired up again, but I didn’t take it personally- he was way out of my league.

When it came to sparring, I cycled through half the blackbelts, each of them teaching me something about my technique. Countering left me open to a parry, which was something I honestly hadn’t really thought of. "Dylan"’s heel connected with the side of my head, and Master Ross told me what I was doing wrong. Dylan apologised, and I moved on to Roy. Now this is how it happened. I know that the blackbelts are far too fast for me to actually hit without getting my ass kicked in return, but when I tried to kick Roy in the ribs he had moved in before I could do anything about it. He blocked the kick and punched me in the solar plexis then nailed me in the head with his left leg. Both of the blows connected, although only enough to wind me. This happened over about a second. Master Ross stepped in and said;
"He’s just a yellow belt! Do it again and I’ll kick you."

I left class very bitterly. I don’t know if there’s anything I can do to get fast let alone strong enough to beat Roy. I felt his aversion to me long before the blows connected. For now I’ll have to continue training and not dwell on it too much. Peace.


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