Touched by his Noodly Awesomeness

For the first time in my life, I shed a tear in awe. I’m a wuss, I know, shedding tears at every available opportunity, and usually while watching something impressive. I’m not sure what’s triggered this overflow of emotions, but I saw the coolest thing in my life today, and I could not stop making stranged, high-pitched noises in wonder and rapture. And, get this, it was Naruto. Kakashi sensei copied a water clone jutsu in about a second of recognising it, and then, in the coolest voice ever, put a kunai knife to the assassin’s throat. The actual sequence, the music, the voice acting especially… It was just overwhelming. Naruto is now, unquestionably, my favourite anime series, even though I’ve only seen six episodes. Those six episodes are enough to best every other anime I’ve ever watched.

If you haven’t seen Naruto before, and you’re into ninja, check it out. I heard you can find it on Youtube, searching for Naruto Episode 1. However, Jack gave me the first 40 episodes on tape, but I’m only going to watch them if I miss an episode on TV. Otherwise I’d watch them all in one sitting, and I’d explode from the overdose of essence of awesome.

Meanwhile, this is now something of a curiousity. Why do I keep crying? (ya big baby)


One thought on “Touched by his Noodly Awesomeness

  1. Paul says:

    Naruto may seem great in the first i dunno 10 episodes but sucks major ass after watching any more, every scene ends in one of the characters dying and then the start of every other episode reveals that the character that died was actually a log or a clone or a magical toothbrush.
    Save yourself the trouble of being depressed later at how crap the non existant story is. (Would not be suprised if Naruto becomes a breakdancing ninja with a side-kick named Pikachu.)
    (Watch Bleach and Wolf’s Rain, really great anime’s)

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