-is lacking a title-

Sorry, I tend to get a bit.. emotional, don’t I? It screws up my entries a bit.

I was being honest though. I’m not much of a musician. I lack that musical spark that musicians seem to have, the one that lets them create a melody, to make harmony from the very air, and their own minds. Me, I just learn the songs and play them. Worse is that, because I’ve been "learning" the piano for eight or so years, I feel as if I *should* be a musician, and therefore have that spark. Some musos have that spark before they ever start learning an instrument. Eight years down the track, I’m kinda waiting for it to come. So I feel as if I should have it, because people consider me a musician. That’s awful.

Also, I’m slightly better at guitar than piano when learning simple melodies. You heard right folks, it’s easier for me to learn a tune on a guitar than a piano, even though I’ve been learning the latter for so long. Shocking, isn’t it? Anyway, it’s getting late, and I could use a good night’s sleep. Peace out people. Weet dawxk, Naccen.


One thought on “-is lacking a title-

  1. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    I learned the piano for seven years and I can’t sightread, something I’d truly love to resolve. But it doesn’t mean I’m not a good musician. I can learn eight songs and play them all by memory months after having seen the music- that was just the way I was taught. In the same way John, you probably have one facet of music that you’ve nailed entirely, even if its not being able to detect and beat out harmony.
    And even if you haven’t, music is something that you’re supposed to enjoy, so don’t get angry with yourself, enjoy it. Play the songs you want regardless of how musically impressive they are.

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