Matt’s place

Hello there. 4:26PM. I’ll be staying awake for another two and a half hours or so. I’m not sure how I’ll manage it.

You know. I’ve always wanted to stay up all night. Geniuinely stay up all night without spending time fighting sleep. Sleepover at Matt’s last night, and, well.. Okay it’s a bit of a story. I guess this is how I’ll be keeping awake until then.

Matthew Isaia is a samurai at heart, a true Nihonjin. He owns a red katana, which is the proper hand-made one, a Kill Bill replica sword, and a set of katana, wakizashi and tanto. We watched Hero yesterday night and Matt was inspired to go down to the park and rehearse with a polearm vs katana, similar to Skye and Nameless’ first encounter. After half an hour of harmless, but nevertheless public screwing around, the inevitable happened. Georgie, and pay attention because I’ll only ever say this once, was absolutely 100% correct. She warned us the police were going to come and we’d be in trouble and of course, as fate would have it, someone called reporting bottle smashing, baseball bat-wielding teenagers making a nuisance in the park.

At their particular moment of arrival, we’d been throwing Matt’s pole (harmless, hollow metal thing) like a spear and I was retrieving it from the bushes. When I couldn’t find it, I realised a van had stopped and all my alarms went off. A slow or stopped car meant that someone was about to get out and try to kidnap or attack me- that’s just a reflex. When I realised it was the police, I looked up and realised we were doomed. We had taken Matt’s Kill Bill replica (my favourite sword ever) and the katana from his set of three. Let me tell you. I can imagine all I want about being able to fight a police officer. Using their baton, pepperspray, handgun and maybe even handcuffs against them would be theoretically easy if you caught them by surprise, but when they actually walked up to us and asked what was going on, I knew there was no way in hell I was going to risk getting in trouble, and I’d co-operate fully. Poor Matt owned the swords, which were apparently illegal in public (but not as ornaments, or in a back-yard fight), so he was locked in the back of the van- the paddywagon. Georgie started crying, the rest of us felt terrible. I wanted to sit with him in there but I knew I didn’t have the courage to ask if I could. Long story short, the swords were confiscated and Matt was let off with a written warning.

So yes, it was indeed a stupid thing to take swords to a public park at night. But we’ve all learned our lesson, and Matt himself turned to God and prayed for forgiveness. It’s not likely we’ll be so foolish again so soon. And, our fight performance is going to be with a bokken and bo staff- wooden weapons instead of steel. I can respect that.

So anyway, after that at 11pm, we put on Shinobi. I still haven’t seen that by the way. Tried watching the rest of it today, but my eyes saw everything and my mind understood nothing. I couldn’t process what they were saying or why they were fighting or anything, so I just gave up and called to get picked up. Anyway, when Shinobi broke down around Midnight, we put on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory starring Johnny Depp. One of my fave movies, that was. When it finished around 2am, Jack, Liam and I were the only ones left. I found this amazing- to still be awake. We decided to play Resident Evil 4, a horror-themed zombie-fest in the early hours of the morning, but Liam made the mature decision of going to bed before we could set it up. As a result, Jack and I set up the Wii and played Gunstar Heroes until around 6am. Lots and lots of fun. The reason I stayed up was because I didn’t feel like sleeping. Jack was proving a point. I guess overall there was no real reason, and a good night’s sleep is jeopardised tonight because of a break in the pattern.

So yeah. Aside from nodding off for a few moments here and there, I haven’t slept since… Well it’s been about 40 or so hours. Hm. I wonder if that’s why I’m a little bit tired. Pah, nonsense. The body makes itself tired when you tell yourself you need sleep. Anyway, now to entertain myself until bedtime. *yawn*

-completely crappy entry-


2 thoughts on “Matt’s place

  1. Pat. says:

    Well, at least all you guys can all say you had an adventure.

  2. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    My mature decision was based on my irrepressible aversion to turning up to work shitfaced and not able to speak full sentences without saying fuck. Unfortunately I made the decision too late and did anyway.

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