Jovial Paw

All right, so here’s how it happened. Chilly day in the city, Georgie on the verge of shivering, me asking what this "cold" phenomenon was, Gloria Jeans and hot chocolate just a few metres away. We both order the small, me with marshmallows, her without. After waiting a few minutes, the girl at the counter is handed a cup of hot chocolate. She raises it to her lips, takes a sip, and puts it on the tray. I swear to God, that’s what I saw. I quickly told Georgie about it, and reasonably argues I must have been mistaken. Either way, I decide to carefully watch for our drinks. Then it comes.
"Goergy!" she calls. Well, it was spelled Goergy, but pronounced correctly at least. Georgie and I freeze and stare at the hot chocolate. Another one is laid down beside it with three marshmallows bobbing at the top. "Tom!" the man called out. "That’s me." Yup, sure is. Turned John into Tom, but that was probably a good thing because another John had ordered a drink moments before me. So, what does Georgie do? That cunning, conniving, clever little Georgie quickly seizes my drink and crams a lid on it. I stare, positively mortified, at the poisoned challice. Hoping I was mistaken, I took it reluctantly and drank.

My rationalisation is this. Even if she did sip from the cup, it would be no different from being kissed by a random stranger. Except it would taste slightly sweeter. So I drank, hoping that woman had either thoroughly brushed her teeth moments before we entered, or that my eyes failed me.

In completely other news, our jolly little trip to the Motion Picture Theatres™ was tainted by the obtrusive and brazen presence of Adele’s two 13yo cousins. Recently teenaged brutes that pretend they’re tougher than they are- reminding me of a slightly more uncouth, younger self- and trying to prove it to the world. They, barbarians, which feast on Jacks that are Hungry and then pursue delicate morsels in the more savoury, Swedish world… Well, I’m sure Georgie’s dying to say so I’ll let her finish this paragraph! Tell ’em what happened Georgie, go on, tell ’em! =D


5 thoughts on “Jovial Paw

  1. Georgie says:

    They stupidly enough looked at the sign and asked if it was in fact Miss Maud’s. I told them that yes it was and that here was where civilised people dinned with real cutlery and all!

  2. Georgie says:

    Although later reflecting upon it, I think it might have been a waste of my breath judging from their vacant expressions…. although it was a rather good call if i do say so myself^_^*

  3. John says:

    Yes dear, yes it was. After pigging out on Hungry Jacks, seeing Happy Feet (or what was left of it after entering a half hour late) and then going back for more HJ’s, fighting and snatching chips from each other, we stopped by Miss Maud’s for some reason or another.
    "Is this really Miss Maud’s?" one asked. Then Georgie, in her infinite wisdom and grace, said
    "Yes. This is Miss Maud’s, where civilised people dine. With *real* cuttlery."

    I was momentarily awed.

  4. Ivy says:

    Hello ex lover I’m going back to school tomorrow.
    And I want an Australian hot chocolate too!

  5. Korelee says:

    Actually it was Chibi, not Shibi that we were talking to. And I have to ask – if I hadn’t said anything about Shibi would you STILL have said that you needed to shoot yourself for missing it? Why do I think not?

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