For want of a better title, New Year’s Eve Reflection

All right. So it’s New Year’s Eve, and for tradition alone, I feel inclined to reminisce for a moment.

Best parts of the year, in no particular order (except those which come to mind first):

-Zelda and the Wii.
-Swords. Getting, training, sparring, playing…
-Seeing Shibi not once, not twice, but.. Oh wait, twice. Heh! I’m amazed that I can be friends with someone I talk to once a fortnight on average.
-Jooadw mo kne rijk vhoudj bajj.
-Kairos. Yes, Kairos. Don’t ask me what happened, don’t ask me why I like it, but it’s something you will love, no matter who you are or what your views may be. That includes you, Jack.
-Being told certain things by certain people. You know that warm fuzzy feeling?
-METAL GEAR SOLID. I can’t believe that was Big Boss!!
-Jumping off balconies, climbing buildings, running up walls and going nuts with Jack.

Yeah, I should leave it at that. I edited the list already to cut out a few things, but there’s been a lot of highs. Lows? Well…

-Failing Intro Calc a few times.
-Failing Chemistry, period.
-Being unexplainably depressed for an indefinite amount of time. I suppose that was fostered by the aforementioned failures but ultimately lead to me not being very personable.
-Slawomirski’s Christmas concert.
-Mass. For three hours. Most every week, including today.
-Georgie rejecting a hug from me!!
-Eugene considering me playing Zelda more important than me as a person, let alone a brother.
-Realising my parents don’t know me, which sort of killed a lot of potential joy.
-Dealing with three break-ups.
-Getting my ass handed to me by a number of people.
-Scary movies and super paranoia about being attacked. I went to bed with my katana close at hand more than once.
-Bounty’s Revenge. It came to mind when I was trying to think of things I was pressured into.
-Trying my hardest in school, as in working insanely hard at certain times, only to fail in the end. One superb test simply cancels out a fail. And I spent a lot of time failing. Yeah I think that’s starting to get to me…
-Poor Lauren. Whether it’s my fault or not, it doesn’t mean I can’t feel bad for her.

You know what, this "What has depressed you most this year?" stuff is kiiiinda depressing. So let’s move on to New Year’s Revolutions.

Well, I hate the idea of NYR because they go for the whole year. I don’t know, recently I’ve fallen into the philosophy that I will tell myself to do something, and come hell or high water, I will do it within x amount of time. And it works. At least, recently it has. Making x amount of time a whole year seems unbearable. I can give up spending money for a few weeks, that’s a challenge, but if I were to make a NYR "Don’t spend more than $15 a week on average", I’d crack after a few months. Mm… I don’t like the idea of making Resolutions knowing how common they’re broken, because let’s face it, just about everyone breaks they’re New Year’s Resolutions after the first few months.

Keeping all this in mind, here are my resolutions.

-Keep all promises. Even ones I’m forced into? Well, a promise is a promise… Mm.
-Compliment someone every day. I can do that =)
-Not to regret anything for more than a day. When I go to bed, I let it go, and I learn from it.
-To be like Adele in the sense she never puts anyone down. She is an angel, and I wonder how she can be so full of love!
-To be honest. With myself, and just as importantly, with others.
-To put at least $20 away every week for Sunshine, or some sort of organisation.
-To stop swearing! But this one is a Resolution I’m going to break within the next.. 3 hours. Just you wait.
-To do my best. This should be a given, but I need to be more dedicated to everything I do. To stop being lazy or irresponsible.

I guess that’s it. That’s all that comes to mind. Well, Happy New Year’s people. No big party for me, just an early night I’m afraid. It doesn’t make me sad until people tell me it’s sad to spend New Year’s alone. I have to wonder who’s right? I’ll be brutally honest for a moment here and admit that I would bloody love to have a party and to get drunk and be festive in an unscrupulous and dastardly way. That’s not about to happen though, and even without being drunk, unruly or uncouth, I’d still like pleasant company by which to spend a day everyone seems to celebrate for reasons I’m still uncertain of. Nevertheless, I’m used to a quiet NY, so it’s an early night for me, then an early morning too. It’s a little depressing, but really, what can I do?

Night peeps, and peace out. Don’t ever stop dancing.


3 thoughts on “For want of a better title, New Year’s Eve Reflection

  1. Georgie says:

    Sorry about the hug thing lol and i whole heartedly agree with your last sentence.

  2. Georgie says:

    Sorry about the hug thing lol and i whole heartedly agree with your last sentence.

  3. Korelee says:

    … I’m not even going to bother commenting anymore.

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