The Animorphs

Time and time again, I’m sure I’ve rambled on about how much I love the Animorph series, by K.A. Applegate. Well this takes the cake.

I bought, for 20c each, a few Animorphs novels from the local library. I’ve just finished the Hork Bajir chronicles, and it made me so sad I almost cried. Almost cried! Not that that’s hard, but it’s a children’s book! It’s just…  Aldrea sacrifices everything, her life, her body, her people, for love. Just for love. With a Hork Bajir. There is no greater sacrifice. Anyway… I hit the internet and decided to look for pictures of Hork Bajir to more fully compile what they should look like, rather than my childish 7-year-old image of Chaos with jigsaws on his body. There I found a website- this website, as a matter of fact, and I learned that Adreal lives on in spirit, and has the chance to come back. Her descendant, Toby, was the.. great, now Joe’s put me off. But long story short, check out that website if you have the time (or care) for the most classic and fantastic books of my childhood. It is my plan to get all the full series if only for the novelty. I have about 20 in total, which leaves some 40 to go, give or take. Good books, those. You can always tell a good book by the way you think about it when you finish, and how it makes you feel the same no matter how many times you read it.

Must be off. Joe’s laughing at me.


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