Doot do dooo~ (8)

Happy Boxing Day people. Funnily enough, the only difference between Boxing Day and Christmas Day is no one says Merry Boxing Day. That’s life at my house anyway, but it doesn’t bother me somewhat. Aye, I may be just a little bit deprived of special celebrations, but some day when (presuming I shall) I have a family, come December 25, trees and stockings and presents for all.

Forgive me, I digress. Having just recently been in most foul a mood, I dedicated myself to trying a technique my mentor suggested; I make myself happy. I don’t brood, I don’t distract myself, and foremost I do not think I am in a bad mood. I just pull myself out of my misery- by the hair if I have to- and think of things that bring smiles to my face. People I love, moments I treasure, nothing evil or sinister, just pleasant reminiscing. Try it some time, when your day is going horribly wrong and just when you think it will never get worse, it starts to rain. Meanwhile, I think I have a poem to re-write.


"As far as I’m concerned, if men are stupid enough to be distracted by lumps of fat with nipples attached, then it’s my duty to take advantage of their weak willed minds." -illwillpress’s original character, ‘Germaine’.

In the same respect, if a cute look from a little girl can sway a man into hesitation, she should knock him out cold by duty’s call.


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