I’m awake now, it’s okay. I only played Zelda for a little while- about until 1:30am, which is reasonable. I truly do wish Eugene would stop ruining one of the most special things in my life (it’s Zelda, come on), but it makes me feel as if I should have more things that are special to me.

Nevertheless, someone, who shall be called "Y", said something to me last night that worries me. What if love doesn’t solve  the world’s problems? What if love can’t stand against a sea of hatred?

Ah but Jesus loved, and he was crucified, and apparently he came out on top in the end. I guess as a Christian I have to have faith and never stop loving. But that means forgiving Eugene. Mm, yeah, he gave me a box of chocolates yesterday and he took us all to see the Nutcracker ballet, which sucked by the way. Nevertheless, he’s got his morals fairly straight, even if he tortures me at the same time. I can forgive him, but while he keeps intervening with the things I love, it’s going to be difficult to have a good relationship with him.

Love does exist, Y. And it’s not followed by hatred, either. They’re not a chain, they’re not a circle or a cycle, they are love and loathing. While both can exist, true love takes the cake. That I believe to be the redeeming feature of humankind- the capacity to love.


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