Nightcrawler’s Catechumen

Another entry about dreams. I quite like them, don’t you?

When I fall asleep, I get rather frustrated with stagnancy. If there’s a long cue to a door, I’ll decide I don’t have the patience to dream I’m standing in line, and I’ll walk through the wall to the other side. I’ll just split apart all my atoms at once and then reform them across the wall. This is very useful.

Also, when I’m chasing someone or running away (usually the former), I might decide that it’s not worth dreaming about running and running for my life. I’ll just BAMF! and vanish. Then, somewhere else, a purple/black cloud will appear and I’ll be there. It’s instant teleportation, and everyone in my dream is just like, "Oh sh*t! He’s right behind us!" They seem to be very accepting of my mutant powers. It’s really quite cool, because I can decide, while I’m dreaming, that something is taking too long. Then, I will (consciously?) decide to teleport to a certain location (that I can see) to hurry things along.

Something else that I’ve noticed is that nobody in my dreams can be killed. It defies logic, but I have shot people in the face with magnum bullets. I have point-blank unloaded cartridges of shotgun shells into zombies. I have run people through with swords, and they will keep on coming. I decide that whatever I’m trying isn’t working, and I don’t bother running, I just give up and sort of try and talk to them or just be on peaceful terms with them. Like that zombie dream, they weren’t dying, so I just sort of holstered the gun and casually walked past them in the faith they wouldn’t bite me. And they didn’t.

I wonder why I so often dream of being in mortal conflict. And why I always fight whatever it is. Like last night I dreamed I was a wannabe ninja, just like in real life, except I had a sharp sword to go with it. Bunch of drunkards were terrorising the neighbourhood, I joined a secret association to defend the town from such attacks, and I rode off on my own to fight a group of them… In short, lot of fighting going on, wicked dream, classic fight of flight scenario. But when it comes to flight, I do not run. Why? Why would I rather fight to the inevitable death rather than run and save myself? Because running terrorises me! Blind fear is what fuels a flight. Desperation to survive. I can’t handle that. I can’t handle the pressure. So I’d fight to the brutal and bloody death. Fortunately everyone is immortal in my dreams, but still…

I’m starting to worry about myself.


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