What the hell? I only just realised Greg is monotone o.O
I’ve known the guy for at least three years, and it only just occured to me that his voice isn’t just "strange", it’s fricking monotone. Why do I not notice these things?

All right, here’s an actual entry. This is one of my favourite quotes.
"I close my eyes and the world disappears." Or similarly, "Nothing exists unless I look at it."
They are astoundingly accurate when referring to my observation skills. Ethnicity is impossible for me to differentiate, except for Japanese/Asian/Caucasian. Everyone else just fits into "Caucasian", except maybe the Irish. God bless their merry hearts. Anyway, seriously, I’ll never be able to tell when someone wasn’t born in Australia until someone points it out to me and it becomes blatantly obvious. I never pick up on accents, I never notice people, I just don’t recognise any of it.

I also have the astounding ability to put down a book and then forget most of what I just read. That’s a very bad thing, and it fricking sucks. That’s why I never do Novels in my English exam, because I never remember more than a few key events. Even books like Tale of the Otori, favourite books, are just images here and there that can help me piece together the story. Damnation, what the hell?

Also, while I’m at it, what’s up with my sense of direction? Take me two streets away from home and I can’t find my way back. Why is that? How come I don’t know my way to school yet? I mean, I sort of have an idea that if I go down this road and then turn over there, but seriously. I couldn’t find my way home from the train station, even though I’d driven past it at least a hundred times. I took two wrong turns uncertainly before I managed to find something familiar. Why don’t I remember anything when I walk/drive somewhere? I can never find my way back. And if I were in the middle of the city, I couldn’t possibly point in the general direction of a surrounding suburb. I have no idea where anything is geographically.

All right, there we go. Some of my major flaws. What a strange creature I am.

PS: In other news, I’m learning to juggle. ^^


5 thoughts on “Wth?

  1. Pat. says:

    Or maybe you can’t find your way back home because it doens’t exist yet.

  2. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    I also view people who use the word ‘frick’ and ‘fricking’ as fatally flawed, generally because it’s a overly-hesitant attempt to swear and is not in compliance with the Old English expletive lexicon. John, I give you full license to say fuck.

  3. John says:

    Liam: No. It costs me 50c every time I do. Are you aware that I have 75c to spend on lunch tomorrow because of my awful pottymouth? =p

  4. Ivy says:

    You just listed down everything I used to laugh at you at. Things that are damn stupid, but somehow quite cute.
    You’re just the same as Sol. Why do I fall in love with dumb guys.

  5. Korelee says:

    Pina Colada is the best swearword, because it’s not. :D It’s an alchomoholic beverage.
    And guess what?
    I might be moving! Pray, pray, pray for me that my parents get a caravan park job, okay. I need your prayers (when before I’ve burned them) Even if it means I might be leaving Perth. It’s best for me.

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