End of Year Report

All righty. It’s good to take a break from going out, or playing Nintendo. I actually picked up a pen and started writing- now that’s new. Life has been extremely busy, and I relish in it. I fear boredom- it terrifies me. I am very comfortable amidst a pile of things that need be done, as long as there is no urgency to finish. Stress is bad. Work is good. Work without stress is very good.

Anyway, I got my report back on Tuesday. Mum couldn’t wait and ripped it open in the car, immediately after collecting it from the mailbox on our way to the movies. So much for reverence. Well, a year of toil and hard work has resulted in almost nothing. I have once again done extraordinarily poorly, and I don’t know how the hell it happened. I guess I didn’t take my final exams seriously enough, and I just gave up entirely on my first semester. However, it is my hope that next year I will keep all my work ethics and standards high, and I’ll be trying my hardest in tests rather than my former philosophy, "It won’t kill me, so why worry?" Yes, yes indeed, I shall be working hard. Here’s my report.

Religious education: A

Chemistry: D
Exam: 33% (youch) Avg: 58%
Course: 51% Avg: 67%

Economics: B

Exam: 67% Avg: 65%
Course: 66% Avg: 67%

English Literature: C
Exam: 43% (ow) Avg: 57%
Course: 60% Avg: 65%

Human Biology: C
Exam: 65% Avg: 52%
Course: 64% Avg: 63%

Introductory Calculus: C
Exam: 46% Avg: 50%
Course: 48% Avg: 59%

Music: B
Exam: 70% Avg: 70%
Course: 74% Avg: 71%

I had thought Human Biology was definitely a B, but I guess the weighting is stupid. 50% of the final mark depends on 1st and 2nd Semester Exams. Psht. Guess all those 80%’s in class didn’t really mean anything. So much for ego.
Intro Calc is disappointing. I thought I would have pulled up to at least 55% overall, but even that sounds pitiful. Still, I’m grateful I didn’t fail. Got a gew 70%’s in the second semester, kinda got my hopes up.
Econs I’m really glad with. I’ve had some extremely low moments where I thought I’d fail the subject entirely, but I’ve pulled off some pretty decent tests and brought it back up. All the way to a well-earned B!
Lit, well, he’s raising the bar or I’m dropping my game. *sigh* At least I’m borderline "Yes John, you can continue to study Literature next year. One percent less and I’d recommend you do English."
Chem, well, I’ve had Shackleton for three out of four years. If I have him again next year, I’ll punch him in the nose, then drop the subject. Okay, I won’t actually hit a military pilot, but I’d glare at him for a while first. Grrr >:(
Music pleases me very much. Pretty constant work- some highs, some lows, but overall I even out to be just slightly above the average. That makes me on par with my classmates, which I’m grateful for.
I got 84% in my most recent religion test. I just gave up halfway through, realising even if I failed, I wouldn’t get the RE award (because it had already been given to Patrick a few weeks previous) and I couldn’t get less than an A. I’ve been getting 90+ in every RE assessment, but now I really can’t give a stuff. I’ll just use it as a study period like everyone else, but at least I did well.

Well that’s it for 2006 in Trinity College. I’ll be a Year 12 next year. Gosh that’s scary. Still, I’ll have domineering power (if not height) over 4/5ths of the school, which is fine by me. Alas, not a prefect, but Vice Captain of the chorale! That’s commendable. So anyway, that’s this year’s schools, awards, efforts etc. Not the greatest of my life, but I’ve had fun, and I’ve got to get back to work. Busy busy busy me =)


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