Fortunately for you, we lost our digital camera, so I couldn’t take any pictures. Adele on the other hand managed to get some nice footage/shots.

Wai-Con this year was superb. It had its ups, and it had its downs, but overall it was a pleasant experience. Lots of merchandise bought, lots of free stuff (courtesy of Georgie. Seriously, all she has to do is look cute and raise her voice a notch or two and people throw valuable stuff at her feet). Jack won the raffle draw (which he attributed to his Jack Magic and 255 Luck Stat) because he was one of a few people who actually bought tickets. He got about $150 worth of assorted merchandise, as well as buying a bazillion figurines. I bought him five of those billion, for $50, but I guess that’s his Christmas present. He also got a wicked Final Fantasy 12 potion- a blue solution (energy drink) in a clear glass bottle. He took 10-15 minutes opening the box without folding, tearing, scratching or damaging it in any way. Most of that time was spent trying to peel the sticker off, too. Never met a more dedicated person than Jack Goodrick.

What else comes to mind? The Full Metal Alchemist movie bloody sucked, if you’ll forgive me for saying so. I watch FMA for alchemy, not Nazis. It also, to a small extent, ruined the end of the FMA series for me. Still… Surprisingly, something else that comes to mind is McDonalds. I may be addicted, because throughout the movie my stomach finally started grumbling and I had the urge for a Bigmac. When I finally did get one, I ate the Large-sized meal in about 3 minutes, and felt terribly sick afterwards as a result. Keep in mind, I usually can’t finish a medium meal let alone a large. And now, just thinking about that Bigmac, my mouth waters. This is very bad. No more McDonalds for me! (until tomorrow, because let’s face it. I think we both know that’s the cheapest, most available place for lunch.)

Sushi was good. Georgie’s rice was quite bad, but still edible. It was nice to see Adele. Um… Oh of course!! SUMO!! Jack and I had planned this since we found out about it like, two weeks ago. He planned to be the first sumo ever to do a front flip, but the costumes (huge inflatable/padded ones) were too restricting. It was too hard to bend over or stomp properly, or even walk for that matter, so we basically charged and tackled in a primitive sort of power struggle. I got owned of course, but not nearly as badly as Georgie or Stephen. He also tried capoeira, which is a martial arts disguised as dancing (see this link: http://video.google.com.au/videoplay?docid=-8514518157668120764&q=lateef+crowder) but the suit was too big to really do much more than dance. Still, still, that was awesome.

I turned Jack’s Wai-Con shirt into a ninja-mask (he won it from the raffle draw, even though I’m pretty sure he could have split it if he tensed his muscles. It fit Georgie nicely though, although it definitely fit my head the best) and crept up on stage while everyone was watching the music video on the projector. Tapped Katrina on the shoulder, told her to announce the cloak room was closing, crept away like a shadow… attached to a creeping thing… like a ninja.

The following paragraph will make little to no sense if you are not an experienced SSBM player. I won the Super Smash Bros. tournament, which makes me very happy. I think there were 24 people competing because they lost the sign-up list twice, basically thirding the number of competitors. Four vs Four matches, all items set to medium, 1st and 2nd place moves onto the next round. I got 1st place in all of these rounds, except the last in which I came 2nd. Then, two 1 vs 1 matches, no items. 1st on 4th, 2nd on 3rd. The guy I played against selected Mushroom Kingdoom Princess, Peach. I laughed to myself, because Peach is the lightest character in the game, and if you hit her, she’ll go flying. She’s also one of the weakest with random (and thus, unreliable) smash attacks. However, this guy was absolute freakin’ pro. He threw turnips at me so I’d dodge them, and then he’d strike when I was recovering. And his taunt was genius! Throw the turnip up, pose (Up on the control pad), then catch the turnip before it hit the ground. Master. I lost 2 of 4 lives fighting him, but I won in the end. Seriously though, I now respect Peach as a character. Final round: Falco (my character) vs Link (his character). Coincidentally, we were both Asian. He was a Link master- no question about it. I’d never seen anyone attack that fast, even though Link isn’t particularly agile. He had masterful control over all attacks and all timing, and even pulled off a spectacular hookshot recovery rather than the traditional Up + B move. I won by a narrow margin- I was on 70% damage when it was over. It was intense, but hey. I’m the best! What can I say? Also, immediately after, I was challenged to another match. I found out as we were playing that he was the former champion- he won last year’s tournament. And guess what? I beat him too! Woooo! I have the official title of Pro. Don’t debate it, or Falco will whoop yo’ ass.

At the final ceremony, they handed out the prizes. When they announced Super Smash Bros winner, I stood up, practically bowing before my name was called.
Announcer: "Second place goes to…"
Me: *sits down quickly and looks around*
Georgie: *dies laughing.*
Classic. Anyway, the trophy was a gold NES (Nintendo Entertainment System- one of the first consoles ever) cartridge with the sticker showing the HAL Laboratory, Inc emblem and a retro Mario, as well as Wai-Con Super Smash Bros. Melee winner 2006. ^^

Moving on (and this is a sloppy entry which will need muchos editorios latoros), the only anime we ended up watching was the FMA movie on Saturday night. Georgie finally paid me back, I got my PANIC membership card (which gives me discounts to Wai-Con and select few other events, which I probably won’t be attending), I had a good time. Cos-playing was very good, very bad, and even somewhat boring. By the way, I realise now that I’m never bored because I hate being bored more than anything, and I’m almost terrified of it. Thus, I will constantly occupy myself because I enjoy having things to do. Watching Cosplay was very slow and not a lot was happening. However, Jack and I have a conniving plan for costumes next year. Georgie, stop asking, you’ll find out in a few months. She promised to go as Sailor Mars by the way, so hold her to it if by the off chance you know her in person. Wooo long entry. Let’s see. As.. immoral as it is, I must admit one costume caught my eye. A girl dressed up as some feline anthropomorphic character, wearing massive furry gloves and boots with cute little kitty ears. Oh, and did I mention that was all she was wearing? Well that’s not true, but the reaction you just had is similar to the reaction of everyone at the convention. She wore shorts and four strips of white cloth (about an inch thick) which curled across her torso. They were apparently glued on, and showed a lot of cleavage. Brave, and somewhat licentious of her.

Anyway, it’s been about 6 and a half hours since I start this entry, after a long and healthy break to play Zelda, some Wii sports, you know. Athletics and stuff- keeps you healthy. I’m kinda tired, so maybe I’ll sleep soon. Night night~


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