Gomen nasai ^-^;;

Sorry about that everyone. As I said, I needed to write it at the time, and I’ll leave it up. I’m very sorry. But seriously though, I agreed to watching "The Descent" tomorrow morning. Eugene’s talk session led to another one of his choices. A deal, a proposal, an agreement. I watch 2 scary movies with him every year. I can handle that, even though he makes me watch about 6, and he’ll go back on his word. I shall compile a list of scary movies he has made me see, like The Ring and The Grudge and the other horrible "The"’s. Anyway, idling, dawdling, moving away from topic.. Yeah, Descent tomorrow. Great. Cave people. Never step foot in a cave again. Darn.

I don’t hate my brother. He makes me very angry, and sometimes I know I do hate him (because I want him to vanish but can’t make him), but I do not hate him. I just wish he were more understanding. If he really was sorry for screwing up my childhood, he could at least try to stop screwing up my life. But if I were to tell him that, he’d say (with far more eloquence and more convincing diction) that he was doing it for my own good. He’d invent a thousand reasons why it’s good for me to watch movies like The Descent, and we’d argue for days (as we’ve been doing) until I give in. Yeah it sucks to have a brother like that, but anger can overpower things you were formerly scared of. That’s how I touched the Daddy Long Legs. But anyway, that word that means talking about other things and starts with D. Yeah I’m D’ing. And I’m going to sleep now and pray that tomorrow’s going to be a good day. Dear oh dear I hate bad moods. They serve no one and just add to the negative qi in the world. Maybe I"ll hit bash.org for a while first…


4 thoughts on “Gomen nasai ^-^;;

  1. Pat. says:

    The funny thing about the descent is that it’s that  rare kind of horror film, you know, the one that actually scares you. Look forward to seeing it, you will.

  2. Korelee says:

    How can you look forward to seeing a horror film when you hate them, I don’t get.

  3. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    You are a pacifist and everything, yet I feel personally there are some grounds for getting back. Jesus John what do your parents say?

  4. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    Was he bullied at school? I think I remember seeing something happen once or twice at the roundabout at Trinity. I’m sorry to mention it if it’s sensitive. I swear John, this is actually a big issue. Talk to your parents, get your brother therapy.

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