EDIT: Watch out, this is an angry one! I’d rather you didn’t read it, but I’m not going to delete it either. Don’t remember it after you’ve closed the browser!

I’m going to be very selfish for the next minute and a half.

Nah, I’m not. After the first sentence I realised I didn’t have the heart. It’s very difficult to play a game when your Dad listens to hymns and 70’s music, your Mum strolls around, sometimes vacuuming but usually something noisy in the kitchen, or your brother calls you for some reason or another. It’s terrible of me, but I really wish that the TV was in a sealed off room that I could lock distractions out of. I’ve paused The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess while my mother eats porridge in front of the paused game. I’m waiting for her to go to the shops for some reason before continuing, because I think Zelda is about to explain the history of Hyrule’s Twilight. Look, I’ve only been playing two hours, I know. I’ve had it for about 24, and I’ve only played it for 2. Do you know how much that sucks? And Eugene stayed up late and played it for 5 hours. So I’m behind. Way behind. And I have to get up to/past wherever he got up to just so he can’t ruin it for me, because Eugene always threatens me with Zelda.
"I’m going to play the new Zelda first!"
"But I paid you to let me play it first!"
"But the new Zelda came out on DS. I didn’t say anything about Twilight Princess."
"*stutter stutter search around for sharp object*"
"It’s okay, you can play it first anyway."

Anyone who has to pay their brother to play a video game, I hear your plight.

I’ve sort of swung into my selfish-mode again. While I’m at it, let’s talk about Metal Gear Solid, the Twin Snakes. I had to get up anywhere between 4-5am in order to complete it before going on Kairos. Took me a rough 20 hours (sigh) but I woke up at night, decided against going back to sleep, and played MGS. Do you know how sad that makes me? And I do it because as soon as the house wakes up, I can do NOTHING for the rest of the day. The TV is in the middle of the house! Seriously! Computer room on the other side of the wall, kitchen three metres away, corridors with bedrooms just down the right, there is NO quiet in this house until everyone is asleep, outside, or busy.

Mum’s still doing the dishes. Noise, noise, clang, bang, crash, swish, onomatopoeia! Mememe, it’s all about me. Damnation!

Psst. Ignore this entry please. I just used it to pass the time while my mother ate. Oh, and what’s that? The sound of a toilet? That means Dad’s awake, too! Hahaha, jolly good. No more Zelda for me. I’ll just turn it off and start all over later. I don’t mind. Seriously, I’m not kidding. I will switch off the Wii, get up at 4am tomorrow, then start what other people prevent me from finishing. Pssht, this is beyond sad, this is pathetic. But all I want is enough quiet to play Zelda in peace! Why can’t the TV be in a room with doors that close? JUST WAIT TIL I MOVE OUT YA SCHMUCKS!


2 thoughts on “Rant

  1. Pat. says:


  2. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    An invisibilty cloak?

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