Boy Genius

Have you ever heard of someone who "couldn’t put down" a book? I didn’t really believe that. I thought they meant, ‘Oh, what a delightful book. I enjoyed reading it very much.’ But today I met my match. Eoin Colfer’s "Artermis Fowl and the Lost Colony" has topped the greatest books I’ve ever read. Zomg the genius. I COULD put it down, but I really did have to force myself to, to give my eyes enough time to stop hurting.

Masterpiece… And so much changes. He’s 14! And Minerva’s… Whoops, nearly ruined something there. But whoa… Sensational book. One of the best I’ve ever read. If you haven’t already, pick up an Artemis Fowl book and see how you like it. I have to decode the gnommish language and reveal the secrets of the universe now. Excuse me for a moment while I cry for joy.


5 thoughts on “Boy Genius

  1. Pat. says:

    No, no, no, no, no *hits John’s head with a rolled-up newspaper*
    Artermis Fowl is nothing but a snot-nosed snob who treats everyone else as inferiors and considers himself as a manisfestation of some archangel. I can say this because I’ve read a couple, and it’s my solemn dream to snap the scrawny, putred freak in two. Oh, and I do not care what he says, he has NOT earned the right to his name by exploiting those around him, so therefore his name IS A GIRL’S ONE, AS HE IS NOTHING BUT A PUNCY GIRL. Now, he’d better got to bed, or I’ll stab him in the F%#@EN face!
    My two cents.

  2. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    I agree with Patrick but with less fervour. I take issue with young geniuses because my narcissism inhibits my enjoyment of reading about someone with a level of brilliance greater than myself (how hard to believe). I love reading about flawed, imperfect, non-archetypal characters who always fail because it allows me to indulge the delusion that I am better than everyone else (THIS JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER). I read halfway through the first Artemis Fowl novel and did not continue for reasons I do not remember.
    John, read Medea. It’s fantastic. It actually realistically justifies killing one’s children for revenge.

  3. Pat. says:

    Now that I’ve subdued myself, I think I was a little too extremist in my comment earlier, although my reasons for disliking the novels parallels the reasons Liam stated.

  4. Korelee says:

    You’re forgetting that Artemis is flawed, just not in the usual ways that children are flawed.
    The majority of us are hindered in some way through intellectual study. Artemis is not hindered in this way, but has the disadvantage of not being able to be a normal teenager. He does not understand his peers and why they act the way they do. He cannot assimilate into a normal high school, and in the beginning he does not know how to feel, channel and react to emotions an other human beings care.
    The Artemis Fowl books are brilliant because of their original plot that obviously has hit a cord with many a child, mostly due to its supernatural themes and the gadgets that Colfer uses to explain how the underground beings have survived without being noticed by the ‘Mud Men’. Particularly in the ‘Lost Colony’ the amazing plot twists and how everything ends out makes for a spectacular novel.

  5. John says:

    Thank you so much Lee. I was scared for a moment that the world had turned against me. I am truly grateful to you, and your intelligent insight.Pat, Liam, I beg your pardon and mercy for saying this, but have you ever considered pulling your heads in and appreciating someone else’s brilliance?

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