Absquatulation – www.dictionary.com

No time to talk, got to get to school in 14 minutes. Going on Kairos- spiritual religious retreat thing which is like a government secret operations mission. Undisclosed location (we leave by bus once we’re at school). We’re told nothing of what happens, and yet we volunteer anyway. Well, it’s more of a brainwashing camp than anything from the sounds of it, but as long as I remember who Solid Snake is, I will be unaffected by their guiles.

I gotta go. I’ve spent a minute typing. Late late late for a very important date, said the white rabbit. AHH THERE GOES ANOTHER MINUTE -flees-


One thought on “Absquatulation – www.dictionary.com

  1. Ivy says:

    that’s nonsense you can easily type more than that in a minute

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