Depressive Humour

Sorry Steph, this is too funny to pass up. I laugh in a most undignified manner. Warning: Do not drink/eat anything while reading!


Question One- When you go to the mall, is your main objective to:
a) Get through the mall, buying only things you like/need/want, at
those handy bargain prices
b) Get through the mall without breathing
c) Get through the mall, spitting on every security guard you see
d) Nothing, you’ve already been arrested

Question Two- When you are invited to a pool party, you go:
a) In your brand new, top-of-the-line, designer bathing suit and
socialize the whole time you are at the party
b) Same thing, minus the bathing suit
c) Drown everyone
d) First b, then c

Question Three- When in class/at work, do you:
a) Work hard and use your time efficiently
b) Pick your nose
c) Pick your neighbour’s nose
d) MACE your neighbour

Question Four- If a bear attacked your camp when you and your family are
camping, would you:
a) Hide, quietly curled up into a ball until the bear goes away
b) Fight the bear for the last Twinkie
c) Allow the bear to eat your parents while you escape
d) Join the bear and eat your parents also

Question Five- When your family takes you out to a fancy restaurant, you:
a) Smile politely at the waitress, remembering to say "Please" and
"Thank you" when you order.
b) introduce the people at the next table to your years supply of
chewed gum, which you have named Dan
c) Give the waitress a nose ring with your butter knife
d) All of the above

Question Six- When you are driving down a street in your town, you:
a) Remember everything you learned from your driver’s ed class
b) Pretend to run over everyone who crosses the street in front of you,
whether they have the right of way or not
c) Score yourself 5 points for cats, 10 for dogs
d) Same, with a bonus 50 points for traffic cops

Question Seven- You regard your sibling as:
a) Someone who loves and respects you
b) Someone to do your homework
c) Someone who is also an extra 50 bonus points
d) An easy target

Mostly D
I think you’re perfectly normal! This is what I got, too!

Mostly C
As if you got mostly c’s, you liar. Seek help.

Mostly B
How can you sleep at night? People like you make me sick.

Mostly A
You’re so twisted, I don’t even know what to tell you. There’s not even
any help for your kind. If I were you, I’d lock myself in the basement and
never come out.


One thought on “Depressive Humour

  1. Georgie says:

    that wasnt funny at all o.0

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