Psst. After reading through Wikipedia articles until my eyes melted, I have come to a very substantial conclusion.

Soul Calibur is my favourite series of games.

Tied, of course, with the Legend of Zelda.

Why do I love Soul Calibur? Because each character has a history, a story, a motive for being in the game. Kilik killed his sworn sister when the Evil Seed (released by Siegfried) corrupted the minds of the monastery. But the only reason he killed her (Xiangjian, I think her name was) was because she sacrificed her sanity for his and gave him the sacred mirror to shield him from Soul Edge’s madness!! Unknowingly, Xianjian is Xianghua’s sister. Their mother was the master of the jia, and her lover was the master of the bo staff. Xianghua was given Soul Calibur, a holy sword in disguise, and accidently trained to use the only weapon capable of counterracting…

Okay, look. It’s a huge story. Everyone’s story affects everyone elses. All the characters in the game have history with or against one another. Georgie loves Mortal Kombat in the same way I love Soul Calibur. There’s so much to learn… whew. Get back to you later.


One thought on “Announcement

  1. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    Soul Calibur is excerrent magic power game!!! My characters favourites are including Xianghua, Kilik, Ivy, and Link because he has distance weapons. <3 Soul Calibur, top notch game.

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