The Dog Trainer

Have any of you seen any of the show called "It’s Me or the Dog"? Just listen to that title. It’s so provoking. It sounds like some housewife nagging to her husband about a badly behaved canine. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much what the show’s about.

The trainer, whose name I have forgotten, has disciplined dogs for ten years.
"This is insane!" she repeats every, oh, give or take two minutes. Apparently she thinks misbehaviour amongst man’s best friend is intolerable and beyond belief. Her modus operandi is dominance, as understandable considered her line of work. In the pack, you’re on top of you’re a servant of whoever is. Her voice ("uh-uh!") is specifically piercing to cut down anyone or anything that disagrees with her, and she never smiles. Ever. She visits the house of a siberian husky and tells the human residents that they’re letting the dog literally piss all over them. She corrects the humans’ behaviours, and then corrects the dogs. Then, when she is satisfied with the results, she leaves; another problem solved.

My, how quickly that household learned to behave well to be rewarded.


2 thoughts on “The Dog Trainer

  1. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    That show really irritates me! Channel Ten tries to get in a pop audience by making it out as though the trainer has some kind of feminist regime. "This dog trainer doesn’t just train dogs- she trains husbands too!" proceeding to list everything wrong with men and asserting the ridiculous idea that men need to be ‘trained.’ I’m all for humour, but the instance pop culture tries to make out that men are like dogs is the day that two hundred years of feminism fighting for gender equality goes to waste.

  2. Georgie says:

    Aghh! The thing that annoys me
    about that show is that there
    are actuall people out there who
    would choose their pets over their
    loved ones, It’s terrible!
    Doesn’t that say something!? like
    for example the person who is willing
    to choose their dog over you
    obviously doesnt love you enough!

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