Was I dreaming?


I finally got around to starting my study, but I found it so enormously difficult to focus on the words. I realised this was because I was tired, and so decided to try an experiment. I curled up in my chair and rested my hands on my knee, and my cheek on my hands. I closed my eyes, and found myself overwhelmed by the desire to sleep, and several minutes later,  I forced myself to stumble blearily out of my room to find a better locus. My bed was covered in heavy files from a year’s worth of schooling, so I found my way to the couch in the living room. Pardon me, no the couch, the large, comfy chair that faced away from the entrance of the room. I didn’t want to sleep on the couch because I’d be more visible, where as curled up in a big chair, I had a chance at being unnoticed. I’m still not sure what my reasoning was, but I lay there with my eyes closed, wondering if I were tired enough to fall asleep.

Then I looked at the clock and realised two hours had passed.



One thought on “Was I dreaming?

  1. Georgie says:

    lol nice one!

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