Still whinging~

Wow… After Liam’s invective, I don’t feel as if I have anything to say.  You’re definitely right though. If the teachers agree with you, then you get on fine. If you do what they want, rather than a little more, they do not feel challenged by individualism and innovation.

I’m not giving up. I wrote half a page for my essay yesterday, but it’s over two periods. When I sat down in Lit, I wrote pages upon pages of what I should be writing about. Exempli gratia, "What makes a poem enjoyable?" ‘Well, I liked it because blah blah blah.’
If I can, I shall salvage that and write a few pages today. Heh. I got 14.5/25 (58%) in my essay, Liam. That’s rather good for me. And to think, at the start of the year, I considered 17/25 below average. What ever happened to that? Watson’s right though. If you spend the first half of the period organising the best essay in the world ("Outstanding clarity of thought and detailed interpretation of the question"), you’re going to have to scribble like your heart’s on fire; "Barely two pages is not enough for a Lit essay".

Anyway, that’s my little tirade done. I could say I’m not having the greatest time in the world, but I ask that you forgive both this entry and the previous. Everyone needs a little space to whine, and because I don’t whine to people (they don’t usually care what I have to say. Seriously.) you’re unlucky enough to be on the prodding end of the stick. Four assessments today.

Period 1: Nada.
Period 2: Ahh sh…. chemistry. Nada. (we hate each other, Shacko and I)
Period 3: Nada.
Period 4: Music.
Peroid 5: Religion, which I’m escaping by yet another piano lesson.
Period 6: Literature.
After school: Staying back to finish composition.

Ahh, I’m going to delete this entry anyway, I think. But I’ve already written it, so I may as well publish it. -sigh- Slawomirsky doesn’t like me much either. Good times, good times…


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