Don’t mind me, I’m just whinging.

It’s been a long day.
Up at five in the morning, two hours of human biology (almost straight, as in, I didn’t even take my eyes off the book) then skipped period 1 to study English. My English, by the way, is destined for failure. I’ve read the poem a few times, but if I can write a half decent essay on it, I’ll be damned. Why am I on the computer in the midst of this? Well, because I’d like to whinge for a moment. Just had the music practical. Half of music is based on how well you can play your chosen instrument, the other half is all the tests and written assessments. And I’m pretty sure I got about 60% in my practical just now, or less.
Doc, if you had chosen ANY of my practice sessions, I would have done better. I forgot how to play Piéce halfway through. Less than half way. After about eight bars, I just stopped playing, attacking random notes in the hope it would trigger something. I just lifted my hands off the piano and said,
"Sorry. I practiced sir, I did."
"Just start again John."
I would have asked if I could, anyway. I played it the second time, with at least a dozen mistakes. You know what that sucks? Because every time I practiced it, I played it flawlessly, or like, two mistakes, tops. But I may as well have had a seizure on the keys, because God, that was awful. And then the study by Moshkowsky! I think that’s how you spell his name- most likely not. But anyway! He showed mercy and let me choose the next piece, and in an effort to redeem myself, I played the study. Except I didn’t really play it, I sort of attempted it as if my thumbs were broken and my hands were shaking.
Yeah. I hate my hands. Way to go hands, you let the team down. Maybe I could have practiced more. Maybe I could have had more self control. Or maybe I should just stop whinging and finish my composition (writing music) assignment before I fail that as well.
English Period 4, Human Biology Period 5. Music lesson after school. Bad day approaching, yo ho.

One thought on “Don’t mind me, I’m just whinging.

  1. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    I had the longest day in history. First Mr Watson proves himself the biggest bastard in the English department by giving me a 54% on a Doll’s House essay for which I studied for hours upon hours, simultaneously wrenching my average down, destabilising the basis for my bloody Lit exam on Monday and proving me completely right that Mr. Byrne and Mr. Watson have entirely different views on my style of writing. In addition to this, I didn’t tag the pages in my Biology textbook correctly (I folded over the corners instead) and because Mr. Blake couldn’t be arsed to look at the folded pages he gave me a 0% for all the Biology work which I spent hours of my own time trying to complete.
    School is a game. It doesn’t matter how smart you are at all- it just matters that you write formulaic essays that the teacher agrees with and that you tag and NOT fold the pages of your Biology book. Maybe I didn’t approach the question correctly in Lit, does that destroy all the intellectual merit of the other critical analysis I made in the essay? And just because I didn’t put bits of coloured paper means that my end of year mark will neglect the work that I have actually done because of some fault I made with regards to administrative bullshit. School is too institutionalised to reward intellectual merit.

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