Melbourne Cup Day

Written on the spur of the moment as I sat at the back of the class while everyone crowded eagerly, dumbstruck and awed in front of the television. Not a lot of effort put into this one- sounds like the best work of an eager 9-year-old.


We swarm, we crowd,
We leave no gap to breathe or move,
We cheer, we cry,
We cannot bear to possibly lose.
Round yon box our world revolves,
Out the window, reality dissolves.
The announcer yells with vigour and zeal,
And God we love the adrenaline, the feel.
"Horse number 2 is closing in fast!
Watch out 13*, you’re coming in last!"
100 metres, no, fifty, no, ten!
My God, Delta Blues** has done it again!
The cheers, the screams, the victory cries!
Static attacks and everyone dies.
It’s over, oh yes, what a rush!
A quiet descends, a reverent hush.
The jockeys, the horses all give chase;
Melbourne Cup Day, now there’s a race.


*Not sure if horse 13 actually came in last at any stage.
** Delta Blues was today’s lucky winner; a Japanese horse and his honourable rider.


One thought on “Melbourne Cup Day

  1. Pat. says:

    I’m lovin’ that poem. If that’s spur of the moment, I’m scared of what happens when you actually sit down and think when writing one.

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