Lovestruck, again

There I was, an innocent bystander to a great event, and unknowingly, soon
to be a victim of cupid’s dire arrows. The Year 12’s were leaving the school
community, and to finish off the year, they all had a great mass together,
gathering for possibly a final time. As part of the chorale, it’s my duty to
sing at such events. As the Hall began to fill from back to front, she caught my
eye and I felt my heart catch in my throat.
I do not know her name, but I can tell you exactly how her hair flowed, and
how her smile made me weak and fuzzy inside. I can tell you about her naive
eyes, her perfect nose, her flawless lips. No angel could hope to compete with
such radiance. It was such a strange aethesis to look at her and feel as if my
life would not be wasted if it were spent kneeling upon broken glass before her.
She was beautiful.
For the second time in my life, I have seen a girl and have been born
again. She never looked at me (I was careful not to stare too much, although
when the parents filed in, she was hidden somewhere behind them all anyway) but
I know that I loved her. Oh yes, I loved her.
Funnily enough, I have absolutely no desire to pursue her whatsoever. She
takes my breath away, my heart skips a beat and my mouth goes dry, but that is
enough for me. Why this is, I am uncertain, but I would never dream of talking
to her. All I need is to see her and I could be given no greater blessing.
The really curious thing is that I’ve met her more than once, but never had
any sort of attraction. The first time I met her was a year ago, and we ate,
drank and were merry. This year (about a week previous), I saw her again and
smiled to myself, but didn’t try and talk to her because she was seated
elsewhere. Then, at the graduation mass, all it took was seeing her, and she
captured my heart without knowing it. How very curious indeed.
What is this phenomenon we call love, anyway?

2 thoughts on “Lovestruck, again

  1. Korelee says:

    I thought you didn’t believe in love at first sight.
    Pheromones, dahling

  2. Ivy says:

    What about me? What is this nonsense about no angel being able to compare to her? YOU BIG LIAR!!! *pinches your nose*
    Jolly happy birthday! Here’s some ointment for your nose, consider it my birthday present. Check your email tmr.
    Don’t be stupid, you know you love me, uh huh, uh huh <3 *dance*
    P.S. I thought you went to the theme park?? What are you doing in church whatever? You should be partying!

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