I have liberty, fie on, Death!

It is good to be alive. I’ve been enjoying most every breath I’ve taken since yesterday afternoon. I cannot recall a single negative thought or moment. Oh yes, life is good. I’m on one continuous roller coast ride that goes up and up and up to the stars. No, not a roller coaster, a swan. Yes, I’m riding on the back of a beautiful silver swan, who’s taking me to the moon, or the skies and showing me the world again.

True, I may not have reclaimed my self identity like Wildflame, but I am most happy to live. My dreams linger, my memories are seen before my eyes. My grace is blessed by Grace herself, my hand, my heart is free for all. My friends, I tell you truly. Life is good.

[Note: I am suspicious of my gaiety. Shouldn’t I be at least the slightest bit worried about my essay and human biology today? Nah, life is too good to be lived worryingly.]

PS: Watch V for Vendetta. Make it a priority. To those of you who have ever met, heard, or argued with Mr Mueller… God, I’d give my sword to see him argue with V. The language would melt everything in a ten light year vacinity.


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