Learning Performance

Okay. Classic stress scenario. I’m supposed to know how to deal with these- Dr Happs trained me for this.

Scenario: I’m a high school student, Year 11, night before a big test. One big test and one regular test, actually. I have to study diligently for both, but this denies me the time to write a 2000 word essay that’s also due. Five chemistry assignments are overdue, and I have 14 hours til school, at least 5 of which should be spent sleeping.

Problem: Studying for the tests will take up the same time it would to write the essay, even one of poor quality. In fact, that’s all I have time for. Some half arsed piece of crap on paper.
Problem: I may need Eugene to study for Chem because I don’t learn anything from Shackleton.

Option A: Seppuku.
Option B: Organise myself, and my time, so that I can work most productively and get as much study in as possible. The focus of the night is economics, worth more than Chemistry and English put together. No use worrying about any of the six assignments- they take time and aren’t worth as much. Although I’ll lose progressive marks… No, nevermind, too late for that. I must away.

Serious question, before I go.

What makes us happy? Think about it and let me know.

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