Fire and Brimstone

Forget homework. I just saved the house from being burnt
down. Eugene’s
had a pretty bad day (definitely sounds like me, taken up a notch) and he put
on two-minute noodles in a saucepan, before retreating to his room to play

I sat in my room for a while, and just as I was going to
bed, I could smell burnt toast. I shrugged it off as paranoia, but it got
stronger over a few minutes. I hoped it wasn’t demonic and figured it wouldn’t hurt to check before going to bed. Nothing out the window, didn’t smell like it was coming from outside. But hang on, that would mean… So yeah, now it’s
actually hard to see through the smoke haze. Glass doors (but not mesh doors) are open, so anyone can just stroll right on in tonight and things are gradually clearing up, but as soon as Dad gets home things will get ugly.

I summon Eugene who takes a look at the loungeroom and walks out again, saying,
"I’m not dealing with this."
We all have our bad days, and I can respect that. For some reason I felt it was my job to clean it up. Don’t know why, but I guess it was my problem too seeing at it affected everyone in the vacinity. Yarr.
I don’t know why the fire alarm
didn’t go off, or why I’m the only one that noticed, but yeah go me. My family
owes me a house.


One thought on “Fire and Brimstone

  1. Beth says:

    why don’t you just get them to let you be what you want to be instead of what they want you to be?

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