Gotta Catch ’em All

Good morning.

Please look at the time of this entry.

I have serious concerns about my brother. Who the hell sings Pokémon at the top of his lungs at 5am without closing his door? I wondered, at first, why he was doing it. He cycled through some South Park songs and a bunch of random things, singing along to all of them for no discernable reason. I called out for him to shut his door a few times but he was ignorant to my pleas until I got up myself and closed it for him.
"Shit! It’s daytime!" he said to his computer.
"Yeah, Lordy’s been on for seven hours," someone said back.

Mr Allanson mentioned someone who stayed up all night playing video games and then slept to 2pm. That kid had no sort of discipline or lifestyle and, well, was a complete and total social reject. I don’t want my brother to end up like that, but every night he stays up until 3am playing RuneScape and he doesn’t go to uni in the morning. He downloads the lectures and watches them- occassionally. I don’t know how he’s passing at all, but he’s managing it. And he manages his job at Coles, too.

But seriously, who the hell sings Pokémon at 5am? Why is he being such a poser and going out of his way to make himself weird for his computer? Hm… Sounds like me taken up a notch. That had better not be my future. Anyway, the sun is shining (welcome to Summerlands) so I’m just going to go finish waking up and do some homework or summat. Eugene, you scare me buddy.



One thought on “Gotta Catch ’em All

  1. Georgie says:

    no matter how much i dislike your brother (even tho ive never met him) that is completely genius!

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