Czerny- I like that word.

Hey, just thought I’d let you know that it wasn’t such a bad night afterall. In fact it was almost enjoyable. Time flew. Nobody really noticed me in the corner- too busy chatting and oohing and aahing so it worked out all right. I was actually a little late because I stayed back to play for a few minutes longer than I should have.

For the first time in my life, Speech Night has gone smoothly. I have been everywhere I have supposed to have been. I have done everything I was supposed to have. And what’s cooler is that nobody told me how to do it, I just walked around freely, going here and coming from there. I improvised and joined in a Year 11 line (that I was too short for, but it worked), I made my way to the green room, I made rehearsal and performance on time (unlike Year 8, where I sat in the rafters and watched the chorale sing without me) and I made my way back onto the higher balconies to watch the rest of the night! It was really actually quite fun.

So yeah. Good yesterday. I’ve still got a whole heap of stuff to do today though, so I’m going to get off and do it. Peace!



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