Are emos strong? Am I?

I am a miserable, attention seeking wretch.

My parents are watching a movie. It’s in Mandarin, but movies in other languages always seem so much more meaningful. Seriously. Anyways, a boy was caned in front of the school at assembly. All the students were made to sit, cross-legged, to watch. He let out an understandable cry of pain at each of the three strokes. The students, the girls, the boys, the first grader’s, the leavers, they all winced and half of them looked away. Do you know what I said, to ruin the moment?
"Oh toughen up."

I would have rather been him. Why?
To prove to myself that I can handle the pain.
To prove to others that I can handle the pain.
To receive the sympathy from those students that they gave it to him. That’s why.

In other news, Mr Kosovich has always wanted us to be tough. To be men, not some "gutless wonders" off the street. We are Trinity boys, and we will show our damn pride in our school, our country and our religion. And our sport, too. So we should be men, we should be tough and callous, because we take pain like men take pain; without complaint, without tears, and without weakness. Doesn’t that sound just a little thick-skinned and cold hearted? Perhaps. Of course it’s not to say men are heartless, but it just seems to deaden emotions to make life simpler, more sporty and of course more manly. Then again, is it better to be "piss-weak"? To take offence as a jest, and yet to smile at a newborn chick? No man would ever dream of calling something (other than a hot girl) cute, but I would. I’m one of "those sensitive people who all go, aww that poor penguin" when it gets knocked over by its peer.

So tough or soft? Strong or weak? They both have their advantages, but I think the answer is both. To be able to be strong when you need to bite the bullet, and to be gentle when you see that fluffy little newborn penguin. I’m not strong, physically or otherwise. I don’t know how to be. But I am willing to get caned for some reason. I’m willing to take a punch to the face, or have someone bite me. Not that they usually do, mind. What is wrong with me?

PS: Lit homework continues. I could work on it all night and only get half done. Ahh beloved literature. How you rob me of my maths.


6 thoughts on “Are emos strong? Am I?

  1. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    I’ve always thought that the worst repercussion of pop culture deciding to hate emos was that it became uncool to be emotional. Mind you, views on traditional masculinity have dictated that men can’t be emotional for centuries, so I guess we’ll probably have to wait a few more before we’re given the right, hahaha.

  2. Georgie says:

    lol omg did you remember to put rsvp’s on the intvites?! The penguin would live john *shakes head*

  3. Beth says:

    There’s nothing wrong with you Xin.
    Btw i don’t think any guy would call a "hot girl" cute. anyway cute is supposed to mean "ugly but interesting.

  4. Ivy says:

    Ooh is the show I not stupid too?
    If it is, it’s a singaporean film, and a truly good one that will render you to tears if you watch the whole thing.

  5. John says:

    Yup, that’s the one Ivy. I watched a lot of it, and it was very sad and very noble. Good movies do that to you- make you feel sad or happy or whatever, I mean. It was touching to say the least.

  6. Korelee says:

    Actually ‘cute’ is just that. Cute. It means sweet, pretty cuddly, fun, bouncy.
    To say that is disgusting.

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