The Night Before

Accomplishments these holidays:

-Developing and breaking my addiction with Morrowind.
-Reading "Fur".
-Reading the first 20 and last 5 pages of "Faking Sweet", and realising nothing happened inbetween.
-Figuring out why Zelda doesn’t work. (TV can’t support 50Hz)
-Seeing Shibi. Oh, that made my world.
-Time with Willow and Ellie, RPing and in person. Even if the latter stayed home to pretend to do homework on Thursday.
-The party, and all events associated. Great job with that, btw. It really was sensational.
-A new poem, a few new sketches, patching up an old story and writing a brand new one.

My plan now? Sure, it’s the night before school starts, but why ruin it by worrying about that pile of undone homework? That can bite me in the ass tomorrow. For now I’d like to be genuinely happy with things more important than work. Like chillaxing, and sleeping, and dreaming of beating Laurence Bye at tennis. Because I’m definitely better than him, but I can never seem to prove it. Now that I’ve had half a year of swordsmanship I think I’ll have a shot. I look forward to the new day, and carpe noctum until then.

EDIT: Note: It didn’t bite me in the ass. Not much. But it’s now 9 o’clock of the following day, and although I have been working diligently tonight, it shall scarcely be enough to save me!


2 thoughts on “The Night Before

  1. Beth says:

    Umm EXCUSE ME i WAS doing homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. John says:

    Not according to Willow =DTake it up with her, because I’m certainly not taking it up with you.

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