“Will somebody *please* think of the children?”

I know I shouldn’t be online, but this I have to say.

Oh my God, someone lost control of a plane in the middle of the city and it nearly crashed into a building. September 11 all over again, Jesus Christ. "People are very sensitive about these images" the reporter said solemnly. "They bring back bad memories."
Uh oh! Bad memories for white America, sure. But I did a brief, mental calculation. According to Liam, a child dies every three seconds of malnourishment and its related effects. 24 hours in a day, (23 hours 56 minutes to be precise, but I excluded this), 60 minutes in the hour, 60 seconds in the minute. I came up with 7520. Must’ve forgotten to carry the e or something, because it should be 87840 seconds. I looked at the statistic in my hand, because it had to be wrong, at any cost.
"That can’t be right!" I basically wailed. I re-did the calculation hastily.

If Liam’s statistic is correct, it means 29280 children die every day. Thirty thousand children every 24 hours, but good God who gives a fuck? Not I, certainly. No, I don’t have to worry about it. I don’t even have to go to church and put money in the basket. Heaven forbid I should grow a conscience. Let’s all cry because two people are stuck down a mine for two weeks. Let’s all spend money developing fishfood that floats at different levels for fish that like to eat at different depths. Let’s put sport on the news because that’s the greatest thing about life in first world Australia. Let the nation weep for little Sophie (God rest her soul), but let’s all forget about the children. It’s easier that way.


4 thoughts on ““Will somebody *please* think of the children?”

  1. Korelee says:

    And your forgetting that while the nation mourns for Steve Irwin, 300 other fathers, husbands, brothers have died.
    If you’re not willing to do anything about it, why are you complaining? It’s rather hypocritical.

  2. John says:

    Actually, for once, that’s my point.

  3. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    I was going to mention Steve Irwin, I’m glad someone brought him up. I cannot believe we all cry for a man who did relatively nothing for the environment and was nothing more than a ringmaster who danced crocodiles around in front of children. You know, other environmentalists have done far more than Steve Irwin and have publicised themselves far less. The reason people mourn for him is because he was a television personality, not because, to you or me, he was a person of great worth.
    My point is that we cry over the wrong things. The first world has its priorities up its arse.

  4. Korelee says:

    Actually he did do some great things for the environment. Don’t ask me for my examples, but my Biology teacher knows plenty – and he’s a man that does well at his job.

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