Random Survey (stolen from Lee)

John: Get off the computer.

Riiiight after this.

Hm… Some sort of ice cream.

Months: December. No, wait,
Band: Would you believe me if I said Linkin

The Matrix (original only), The Last Samurai… Maybe Defender.

Lychee? Coconut?

Finger: The
second from the left of the opposite of my right hand.

Genting Highlands. Sausages, toast, bacon, fluffy things… I have never eaten
so well as that one day.

cartoon character: Tough one. Simba’s up there, but I’ll get back to you.


Have you


Given anyone
a bath: Bruno, I guess.

yourself throw-up: Nope. Although I nearly threw up watching Jackass. He
swallowed a goldfish and puked it back up, alive.

Been skinny
dipping: Not since I was too young to understand modesty.

Been in
the opposite gender’s washroom: Yep.

Eaten a dog
biscuit: Nope.

Put your
tongue on a frozen pole: Ice cube count?

someone so much it made you cry? Oh yeah.

Broken a
bone: I must have by now.

Played truth
or dare: Yeah. Heh, those were the days.

Been in a
physical fight: Not since primary school. I took on Josh Allen and Peter Spano
at the same time. Most athletic, bad-ass bullies in the school. Nobody won.

Been in a
police car: Yeah! Woooo.

Came close
to dying: Well I thought I did, but I probably didn’t.

Been in a
hot tub: Heh heh.

Swam in the
ocean: Mmhm.

asleep in school: Mr Shackleton hates me for it. Funny how he lets James sleep
but not me.

Ran away?:
Once. Eugene
nearly got hit by a truck looking for me.

someone’s heart: Yes.

Cried when
someone died: -sigh- I’m sorry grandmama. There is a tragic story to go with
her funeral that I won’t burden you with.

Do you
have a bf or gf?: Nada.

Did you send
this to your crush?: What crush?

What do you
like to wear?: My ninja-suit.

Fav place to
shop: Borders.

Do you have
any tattoos or piercings: Nay.

Silver est purple.

Boys Name:
Link is up there. Again, too many.

Girls Name:
Ivy is also nice. No connection to former love life. Sarah, Rachel, Melissa? No
no wait, I have the winner: Ajira. She’s a Khajiit.

Subject in
school: I used to like Religion, but that sucks for some reason. I think my
favourite is… religion -sigh-


Drink: Choco
milk I suppose.

Ninjitsu perhaps.


someone: Erlack, no.

Cried in
school: Heh heh… heh…

Fell off
your chair: Yo. [yep]

Sat by the
phone all night?: Fell asleep with it in my hand, if that counts. Woke up and
it was on the floor, so I guess it doesn’t.

Saved MSN
conversations: Yes. To remember.

e-mails?: Many.

Fallen for
your best friend?: Yeah I guess so.


First thing
that comes to mind

Red: Match,

Sapphire water.

Falling leaves.

Cow: Brown
and white splotches. And milk. Loooots of milk.

Greenland: Green, green grass.
What is.
Your good
luck charm: I don’t think there are many ordinary objects that give you a luck
bonus. Unless you case Jack of Trade and wear that glove for your right hand.

Whats your
room like: Dolphin bed, tiger walls, neat floor, homework-covered desk, lonely
bookshelf, ersatz blades.

Last thing
you said: Probably "Mm…"

What is
beside you: My brother’s keyboard.

What kind
of shampoo do you use? Dove. Mum buys it, I use it, it works.

that has happened to you this year: I sat down at my computer and began to


have you


had Chicken
pox: I’m not sure.

had Sore
Throat: Ever heard of mononucleosis?

picnics: Oh yes. Back in the day, I was the Lord of the Picnic Rug.

If you were stuck on an island, what people would you want with you: Superman, or someone else who could fly. Or
David Hasselhoff, to swim me to safety.

If you loved
someone and you were keeping something from them and it would hurt them if they
found out, would you tell them? I cannot answer this.

Who Was
the last person you touched? My brother. He grabbed the mouse.

massaged: I don’t recall. Mum, Dad, or someone close. A friend perhaps, but not

You Kissed?:

You yelled
at: I don’t yell. I raise my voice, a little, then quietly apologise.

Who broke
your heart: Uniaeca. To know I broke hers.

Who told you
they loved you: Jess was the last person to, I think.

Is your loudest
friend: Elinor. Without question.


Do you/Are


Do you like
filling these out: Yes. I am bound to them like mice to rice.

Do you
wear contacts or glasses: Usually.

Do you like
yourself: I have to. I live with the guy.

Do you get
along with your family: Yeah for the most part.

Do you do
drugs: The occassional panadol, but I try very hard to avoid medicine. Sooner
or later humans will be immune to it I tell you!

Have piercings
below the waist?: I pierced my foot with a needle once. Eugene had scattered the sewing kit on the
floor and I walked up to him. It sunk about an inch into my foot.

anything over $50: Lord no.

And compulsive.


It’s not hard for me to be, but I’m usually not.

Pssht. No.


What are
you listening to right now: Well, for a moment there a bird was singing. Now
I’m listening to my typing.

How many
buddies are on your list: About 200. They’re not buddies, on reflection. About
a dozen.

What did you
do yesterday: I ah.. woke up.. bit of Morrowind here and there… Watched a
little of Princess Blade before the disk commited suicide… some calculus…
Dunno really. I can account for about three hours of the day (excluding
Morrowind, which took up about 6)

Hated someone in your family: Nay. Although Dorothy pushes it.
Got any
awards: Here and there. Most recently, the Performing Arts Festival! Weeee!

Do you
want to get married: If I meet someone.

If you could
change anything about yourself, what would you change? My procrastination.

Have a
lava lamp: I wish.

How many
remote controls are in your house: Many.

Are you
double jointed: No.

What do you
dream about?: The occassional swordfight or strange happenings in life.

Last time
you showered: This morning.

Last time
you took a bath: Few weeks previous.

The last
movie you saw at the theatres: Lady in the Water.

Scary or
happy movies: Depends on whether I want to challenge myself. I need to conquer
fear some day.

milk or
white chocolate: White chocolate.

strawberry or normal milk: Strawberry :S

Root beer or
Dr.Pepper: Warning: Dr Pepper is not a real Dr.

Vanilla or
chocolate Ice cream: Vanilla.

Summer or
winter: Winter. It lets you wear longer, cooler clothes.

Silver or
Gold: Silver. Or white gold. But silver works.

Diamond or
pearl: Diamond.

Sunset or Sunrise: Sunrise.
I heard they’re nice.

Sprite or
7up: 7up.

Pants or
shorts: Pants.

Orange juice
or apple juice: Apple.

Cats or
dogs: Cats ef tee doublyoo.

Coffee or
tea: Poison.

Phone or in
person: In person.

middle, youngest or only child: Youngest.

Do you want
your friends to fill this out and send it back?: No. I really don’t expect

your perfect girl/guy: We’ll find out when I get there.

would ur
perfect girl/guy do for you?: Ditto.

End Time: 1:00pm.


3 thoughts on “Random Survey (stolen from Lee)

  1. Korelee says:

    Nice to see your still jacking things from me and not posting in my blog….

  2. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    "Colour: Silver est purple."
    I might be wrong, but if you’re trying to be French, the word for ‘and’ is ‘et’, not ‘est’. ‘Est’ literally ‘is’ so what you’ve written there is ‘silver is purple’. Mind you, ‘et’ and ‘est’ are pronounced pretty much the same, so you’ve made a better effort than most people!

  3. Willow says:

    I’m not on there!  Gah, so insulted. 
    And you said I cured you of Morrowind.  Oh, the LIES!

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