Damn you Morrowind!

I hereby make a solemn promise.

I shall not play Morrowind for the next seventy-two hours.

I have too many other things to do to waste any more time on a computer game that only provides short term enjoyment. Yeah, good times, good memories, but it doesn’t amount to anything. If my computer were to crash and all my saved games lost (oh the threnodies of a computer geek) I would not play it again for fear of heartbreak. Yes, I’m that much of a nerd. I can’t say how many hours I’ve spent playing it, but an unhealthily large amount, and all it takes is for one bad-ass virus to come along and those hours will be erased from history’s records.

So I shall not play again. Not for the next three days at the least. It’s a start, but I’m not sure if I want to give it up entirely. I mean, it’s a kickass game, and I have 1 100 000 gold coins cash. (25 gold coins is like, whoa, you shouldn’t leave that much money lying around dude. It’ll get stolen by that millionaire running around in armour worth a few hundred thousand.) So yeah, okay, I’m off. No more dawdling, back to antidifferentiation.

EDIT: On reflection, all computer games I play are the same. Except for Final Fantasy, which is timeless, RuneScape (which I hate) whose server is online and Zelda, because Zelda kicks ass. Yeah there are a bunch of others, but primarily, all games do is pass the time in an enjoyable fashion. Kinda sad to be a game addict. Reminds me of druggies.

DOUBLE EDIT: How did I know that writing the word ‘druggies’ was a bad idea? Maybe I’ll stop exaggerating so much.


One thought on “Damn you Morrowind!

  1. Korelee says:

    Except druggies have a social life…. online chat, etc not included. Face to cafe interaction.

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