“Ooga ooga tata mooga ooga sugar” (quoth Dad)

I feel really, really guilty, but Eugene owes me $89 and counting.

As I said to Willow (or Ellie) last night: Who needs a job when you have Eugene?

It looks like I’ll never be free of RuneScape, but I play it by choice now, because Eugene pays me to. I raise his skill level and I get paid, on average, $20 an hour if I’m not distracted. It’s not boring, but it’s very repetative. I make a lot of money off my brother, who values a computer game over sleep, school (uni) and, well, passing his classes. Okay, that’s not true, but he has the potential to score 90’s out of 100’s if he actually started trying.

Recently I’ve been employed to catch rats. About 1/20 attempts is successful, and about 1/4 of these successes is going to make the rat drop an "Orange Spice". He’s paying me $2 an orange spice, and he wants 30. Over about 3 hours, I’ve got 28. I feel guilty because it takes no effort on my part. Whoop, just got another 4 orange spice, there we go. I’m done. And my brother owes me $97 in total for all the work I’ve done for him.

I feel guilty. I really do. Do I value money over love for my family? No, I don’t. But that said, there’s a lot I’m saving up for (and none of it for me). Should I just let him have his precious xp for free? (Gratuitous. Is that the word?) What do you guys think?


One thought on ““Ooga ooga tata mooga ooga sugar” (quoth Dad)

  1. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    I think that’s fantastic. The only problem is the moment it begins to encroach upon your own life, you should bail out immediately, or you could be the next victim of internet addiction.
    Overall, however, I’d certainly do it for $20 an hour.

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