Instrument of DOOM

I feel as if my fingers are burning.

I’m learning the guitar, slowly but surely. I’m very happy with my progress. Dad taught me how to play a G major scale, two years ago, and I practiced that for a while, thrilled at my ability. I learned A minor and E major chords and practiced those. Then I stopped playing and went back to schoolwork, video games and piano.

A while ago, I wrote about picking up the guitar in the early hours of the morning and playing Title on Reverse. That was an experience worth repeating. I’ve got a bazillion miles to go, but I’d like to play the guitar properly some day. I can play Hotel California, albeit slowly and shakily, but I’m learning quickly. I’m very happy.
"You have to put your soul into the music!" Dad said, snatching the guitar off me.

That brings me to my next point. I do not want to put my soul into the music, because once the music is taken from me, I am left withoue means of expressing my soul. I’ve figured out the secret to invincibility, people. I know how to be invincible, and it’s not as easy as IDDQD. Here it is. This will bring about much retribution, but I think it’s true.

Love nothing, and you cannot be harmed. If you love no one, no one can use your family against you. If you love nothing, you cannot be robbed of anything. If you are completely void of things you love in life (impossible, naturally) there is no one in the world who can harm you. If you love life, or some part of it, it can be taken from you painfully. If not, you are invincible.

Note to self: I think I owe mum twenty bucks.


One thought on “Instrument of DOOM

  1. Ivy says:

    Are you saying, with a hint of sarcarsm, that invincibility is not possible then? *wink*
    Seriously, you should not preach what you don’t practice, you know. (x

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