Foosball ftw

Sports is overrated. My parents don’t even like football, but they were yelling and cheering and swearing at the idiot box because of it. They don’t know anything about it, but because everyone was getting geared up about this whole football thing, they joined the ranks of hardcore fans.

Come on guys, seriously. Sports is overcommercialised, overpopularised and overrated in general. I don’t have anything against it, but it shouldn’t make my parents care about men kicking pigskins around.


5 thoughts on “Foosball ftw

  1. Georgie says:

    Football maybe overcommercialised but its australian and people love it, it is popular yes but its an interest that brings Australians together and people bond through it. It’s a pretty petty excuse to use to complain about your parents just because you dont have the spirit and yes it should make your parents care about men kicking FOOTBALLS around its not made out of pigskin dart boards are dont be such a grump about it.

  2. Pat. says:

    You’re looking at it from a person who’s hardly ever played sport or shown interest in it, of course you’re going to say that. But for the majority, it’s what Mai said, it’s Australian culture, dude. If you think we should think ‘seriously’ about it, here’s my advice: Go and actually watch a game, be in the crowd, the atmosphere. Then you’ll know what we’re all talking about.

  3. Ivy says:

    The problem with you is that when you don’t like something you automatically think it’s wrong and that everybody else is stupid about doing it.
    Just because you don’t like make-up doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it, you know (except in extreme cases). You won’t want your bride without make up on your wedding day, would you? Come on, seriously now.
    I don’t like football but I can try to understand that some guys and girls find it likeable for different reasons.
    Do try to be more open minded and develop your points because coming to a conclusion! You never know when the path may curve.

  4. Georgie says:

    woo! Go what that Pat dude said!

  5. John says:

    I’m getting gangbanged on my own site.Hey, this entry came out negatively. You’re right in supposing I’ve never watched a game of football so it’s completely out of place for me to say its wrong. My parents have never watched either, though, but the reason they decided was because everyone was getting excited about this big game. Understandably they wanted to catch on and see what it was about. I didn’t realise that, and I thought they were just joining the crowd. Sorry for being bigoted. [one-sided]

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