A brief note before bedtime.

Liam says:
Do you know what’s been interesting about your last series of blog entries, concerning the attitudes of the general male population towards women?
Liam says:
I’ve discovered that these attitudes not only trivialise the value of women in society, they also undermine men themselves.
Xin-san – "She’s all yours." "Dad, don’t engender the computer! Besides. He’s male." says:
I’ve realised that I’m sexist for thinking men treat women as inferior. How strange is that? By defending women, I’m a chauvinist pig.

Liam expanded on this.

Liam says:
Yes, but in many ways, women are able to capitalise on the dominant attitude that they are weaker than men.
Liam says:
Women get away with a lot more than men, most of the time.
Liam says:
Yet often, they get away with a lot less, too.
Liam says:
Sure, post whatever you like.
Liam says:
Remember that its not just men that treat women as inferior- pop culture also reinforces the attitude that women need to be acted chivalrously towards BY men.
Liam says:
And a lot of women love that attitude, because it means they can often condescend to the other sex without being reprimanded- after all, they have history on their side.

Liam old chum, you’re one of the most intelligent people I know. You point out things I should realise by myself. I also had a brief but highly enlightening discussion (more like lecture) on motivation from Solomon theRisen. Thanks for that.

I’m very pleased for some reason. Intelligentsia for the win.


2 thoughts on “A brief note before bedtime.

  1. Georgie says:

    Personally i get away with most things i do lol .

  2. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    I guess my whole point is not to let gender become too important in your judgment of a person. Don’t make comments like "he cried like a girl" or "you can only expect the male sex to be as insensitive as that." In the end, if there’s too much of a divide between men and women, not only will there never be equality, but there’ll never be interesting people. So men, women, be nice to each other!

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