Jupiter, Bringer of Jolity

The Performing Arts final concert was tonight. All the winners of the various competitions were acknowledged, with most of them performing their songs or dances that won them the prize. Perry and I came out on top of our section, as I recently discovered. Surprisingly, this did not thrill me a great deal, but was just ‘one of those things’. You know. ‘Won the Performing Arts Festival. Yeah that was pretty good, I guess.’ We did not perform tonight, though. The chorale had also won the secular (freelance) section, and their performance was in the second half of the concert, so we sat up the back of the hall to watch the first two hours. The concert started with the Australian national anthem, and then called out the prize winners’ names, who walked on stage carrying their shields- consummation of their efforts and trophies of their skill.

Perry Joyce and John Marshall in the secondary piano duet. My eyes widened. Perry walked on stage, like the other few dozen winners, carrying the shield. I sat in the wings, watching him.

Call me bitter, but I felt pretty upset with myself for not being up there with him. I spent a lot of tears and many, many hours practicing, and for the pure and simple reason that I missed rehearsal, I hadn’t known when to walk on stage. There wasn’t enough room in Dr Braham’s car to take us to the Hall for practice, so he asked me to stay behind and stick close to Perry for the real thing. This I could not do, for I didn’t see Perry until the intermission, two hours into the concert.

What really cut is when they all walked back on stage at the end, and Perry neglected to tell me of this. So for the second time in the evening, I sat in the rafters up the back of the hall and watched him be acknowledged for his talent. It wasn’t so bad, because she just read out the list of all the winners, and they all sort of filed on so you couldn’t tell who won what. Hell, I didn’t even care that I won until I realised I wasn’t going to be recognised for it.

Ah well. I got my name read out on the list of winners, and I pulled it off, even when my teacher withdrew all confidence in me. It took a lot of effort to play, and my name’s on that shield. That’s something to be proud of.

There we go! Dream accomplished. I guess that’s what happens when you put your mind to something. Although I didn’t get the glory, it was definitely worth the pain. Nice job, Johnno. Give yourself a pat on the back.

[Note. I was originally quite upset when I started writing this entry, but now I feel quite proud of myself. Hooray to pep talks! Or summat. Ahh, that’s better. =)]
[EDIT: Cheers.]


One thought on “Jupiter, Bringer of Jolity

  1. Korelee says:

    I think you mean pep talks…

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