Mitsurugi’s Legacy

He went through each weapon, and with utmost attention, I noted his stance, technique and style. Explaining their history and abilities to us, I had joined the ardent audience of another medieval display. With a laugh, he set all the weapons out on a table. Tonfa, nanchaku, staffs… Being slow and patient as I was, I didn’t rush upon the weapons like everyone else, but chose to seek out the one that was calling me. There was a glint of black, and instinctively I reached out my hand and grasped the sheath. I beheld a wakizashi. Yes, I smiled. This will be my weapon.
"All right guys, go for it. Last man standing wins."

Everyone shot off to different corners of the library. Rules were, you could only fight someone if they had the same sort of weapon as you. Unfortunately, everyone seemed eager to use the wooden weapons rather than the sharpened steel ones. Of the dozen, I could not find an opponent, until she stepped out from behind a bookshelf. Her katana was the first thing I registered, of similar make to my own. Secondly, her face, and a glimmer of recognition captured me. Yi Qian… She was [is] my favourite cousin. I grinned. So she’d been trained to use a katana? I finally had an opponent who knew what she was doing. I tested her skill by giving her the first move.

She slashed, I blocked. She slashed again and again, I blocked, I winced. Strike one. Okay. So she wasn’t as helpless as one would first assume. Forgetting my wakizashi was almost a foot shorter, I took the offensive and swiped at her from different angles in a complex maneuver. She was doing an exceptional job of defending herself, and I was worried that I’d leave myself vulnerable to counter-attack. I landed about three hits before she could repel me. She backed away, leveling her sword with my eyes. We were almost evenly skilled, and I had no remorse in going full out- this was a regulated competition, and if I didn’t defeat her, I would lose. I changed my stance and raised the sword so it was horizontal, at eye level (blade up). Unmoving, I waited until she attacked. I deflected the slash and stabbed her with the tip, very lightly (how could I hurt such an angel?) in a rapid flurry of silver and steel. That many hits surely granted me victory. She wasn’t quite willing to surrender though and our duel continued. My reflexes were barely keeping up with her (imagine how fast someone can swing a sword, and then picture trying to block that, five times in a row) until I tapped her on the head with the flat of my blade. It was over. She bowed her head, smiling widely. I’m sure I was too. I had never had such a good fight.

I looked around. Fortunately, everyone else had finished each other off. Amateurs. I didn’t say anything, but seriously, swinging a piece of wood did not make you invincible. Conka [guy from school] was there and decided to test my reflexes. He drew a shuriken and flung it at me. I leaned my head to the left as it whizzed past my ear and embedded in the wall behind me. I straightened up and judged it would have caught me between the eyes. Tugging it free of the wall, I returned it, aiming for just below his left ear so it would cut but not impale.


A few days later, I checked the internet for videos of the event. I was surprised to find one almost instantly. It showed a ninja performing a flurry of kicks into his opponent, sword in hand, professionalism at its greatest. The ninja was undefeatable, his limbs blurs of shadow. The latest comment read, "Yeah, I think John won." I laughed, still in shock for finding a video that made me look so awesome. I clicked Reply. "Whoa. Yeah. I think I did."


[Note. Not sure why every single weapon in my dream was Japanese.]
[Note: I dreamed about that video several times last night. Every time I woke up and went back to sleep, I was trying to give the link to someone so they could watch it.]
[Note. I know I’m not a ninja, thanks guys. I’m naive to pretend that I am, but that dream was exceptionally real, and exceptionally cool.]


One thought on “Mitsurugi’s Legacy

  1. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    Interestingly, YiQian means ‘before’ in Chinese. Possibly an oblique synaesthetic reference to a past memory?

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