On the topic of thoughts and ideas, I think (and this is a very big thought) that I care too much about the reasons for living. I don’t spend enough time actually out there enjoying myself. That’s how life should be spent, and the reason doesn’t matter if you just feel happy.

Again, to all views, there would be a downside to this style of life. True, it wouldn’t be hedonism, but it would be just a tad bit selfish. The rest of the world still has suffering in it, and while you’re enjoying yourself, millions are in pain. I expect to be told that I shouldn’t stress out about other people and I should enjoy myself. Unfortunately, my viewpoint on such matters is this:
Someone suffers, say, 60%.
Someone else enjoys themselves 50%.
The suffering isn’t worth the happiness.

Of course, happiness and suffering are just two words to mean negativity and positivity. Per cent is just a number given to show the equilibrium. What I mean to say is, and this is highly theoretical and subject to much protest, nobody should be happy while there is greater suffering in the world. Developed countries have sort of walled themselves off from the suffering and pretended it’s not so bad to ease their consciences. What I’m terrified of is that I can do it too. Shouldn’t I be out there in the trenches giving people food and stuff? Heh, yeah, sure I should be. Then again, shouldn’t I be happy, too?

Also, what about psychologists and people who analyse what makes other people insecure? They think they’re happy when really, they’re trembling inside. What if being happy is just a mask, and then someone takes it off by pointing it out to you? Security vanishes and everything falls to shambles. But I guess that’s only related to people with problems they’re holing up. I’m not sure if this includes myself.

At any rate, Ivy’s right. Happiness is more of a bonus of living. I think that contentment is far more lasting and worthwhile. If everyone was content, life would be fine and dandy. Then we wouldn’t bitch about not being happy. Anyway, gotta go. Who knows what the meaning of life is? Here’s a better question: What happens when/if we find it?

"Most people climb the ladder to success only to find it’s leaning against the wrong wall."


2 thoughts on “Mow

  1. Georgie says:

    If you think you shouldnt be happy while others are suffering fine then thats your problem.
    I am a happy person and i feel no guilt in being happy and my emotions are my emotions there is no wrong emotions i can’t help if i feel happy i have accepted that there is suffering and i do what i can but i dont let that hold be back from being happy.
    If people didnt take so much for granted in their lives they would be happy so i woulndt call it a bonus.
    If i am constantly happy wouldnt that be contentment?
    btw I think people who try to find the meaning of life are just wasting their lives, just live life the best way you can dont worry about the meaning of it.

  2. Ivy says:

    You know the answer you dummy?
    Enjoy yourself 100% to make up for it. Shesh.

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