Life, the Universe and Everything

I do not believe there is an afterlife. I know this is a topic of great contention, but I just don’t think it’s likely. I think it’s more probable that we all love life so much we don’t want to die, and so came up with the idea that there is a better life after death. As an incentive to live like good little boys and girls, how friendly we are in this life will effect what happens in the afterlife. I think that pretty much sums up most religions.

Unfortunately, my theory completely ignores what "ghosts" are. I’m not even going to try and guess.

I realised a few things today. For a start, earth is one of hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of planets in the universe. It’s a pretty big universe out there, you know. Earth is the only planet in our galaxy that is able to support life. Is that coincidence? Life on earth is incredible, beautiful and highly complicated. Is that chance? Nature follows certain laws, patterns and regulations. Why? Humans are not the only intelligent species with noted emotions, but we’re certainly the foremost as far as reasoning is concerned.

And to think. There are some, what, 8 billion of us right now? Around there. And we’re all speckled on this tiny little planet, out in the Milky Way, out there in the universe. My computer is so big to me, and so little to the world. It’s really interesting to think of how tiny it all is, and yet the enormous significance my life has to me.


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