Holy crap! I just took the colourgenics test, where you click 8 coloured cubes in the order of which you feel most related. I got it off Ivy’s blog and her results seemed astoundingly accurate, but mine just knocked me off my feet. I can’t believe it. This pretty much nailed everything that I’ve been hiding from myself. Oh Christ all mighty, I feel like an emo. Anyways… Seriously, what do you think of this?

PS: For those of you wanting to take it, the link is


You are longing for some love and affection at this time – not that you
have been deprived of tender loving care – but there are times when
everyone needs to try something new or to go ‘somewhere’ else to
perhaps experience that little extra ‘understanding’.

are a leader and possibly at this tine in a position of authority, but
you are experiencing problems. You are not quite sure how to handle the
present situation.

Compromise is the name of the game at this
time and it is the only way you can avoid being deprived of the love
and affection you so rightly deserve -so soften up a little, be

You are pretending that the situation around you
doesn’t matter, but the effort of trying to conceal your emotions and
anxieties is resulting in untold stress. The existing situation is
disagreeable. You feel unwanted and lonely and you would really like to
associate with someone whose ideals are as high as your own. You want
to be above the standard of mediocrity and this need to be needed and
that need to need has almost become an obsession. You are trying to
magnify the need into a compelling urge. You would really like to tell
the world how great you are but no, you are holding back because you
feel that your peers may treat you with contempt. This is a great pity
because you have in fact a unique quality of character, but the
continual restraint that you impose on yourself makes you suppress this
need for others and you pretend you don’t really care. You treat those
who criticise you with contempt. However, to be honest, beneath this
assumption of indifference you really long for the approval and esteem
of others.

You are greatly impressed by individuality and have
interest in people who have outstanding qualities. You try to imitate
those people that you admire and their characteristics, hoping that you
will be able to display similar qualities in your own personality.


2 thoughts on “Colorgenics

  1. Korelee says:

    I did that, it was pretty accurate, aye?

  2. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    I didn’t think mine was THAT accurate, although it was to a certain degree. Perhaps I just don’t want to face up to some of the negative aspects of the reading- but at the same time, I didn’t really feel that it was on the money.

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