Random point

There seems to be huge contention about the sex thing. All right, fine. I do want to have sex. But there is no one I love enough to have sex with right now, so it’s not an option. Meanwhile, the whole female circumcision… I nearly died just sitting there, listening to Savvy-Walsh read. Do you think I needed to know all that? I actually spared you a lot of detail.

I did think Aaron would contract an STD but I didn’t consider it nice to say. Besides, I’m not giving up hope on him. That would leave no room for him to change his promiscuous ways. Though I do admit, that’s not likely.

Waah tired, late.. blogging… mmf… stupid homework. Almost done…

You know what. One more entry, then I’ll leave it for tonight. I’m afraid the biggest, possibly most important one will have to wait until tomorrow, or whenever I’m next free.

[Whoa… my brother just sneezed and his door rattled from the force. Bless him!]


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