The Guest of Air [stone]

Great. Eugene thinks there’s a ghost in the house which might explain the spontaneously opening and closing doors that happen occasionally. Not normally closing, but opening, fair enough. Also, he and Dad agree that things go missing without any logical explanation. He also acknowledges it could be very slim coincidence, and I would not doubt his evidence for whatever reason.

Regardless of whether there is a supernatural entity in the house, I’m now officially into over-paranoia mode. What’s that out the window? Good God, are they eyes? Oh, just my reflection. Few. Did that door just open? Hello? Anyone there? I hope not. What’s that? Everything in my room is levitating? Rats.

Seriously though, now I’m constantly on the lookout. Living in fear sucks, but fear is psychological. I can overcome this. I CAN. Heh heh..heh… That’s it, I’m calling Ghostbusters.

[Eugene noted that if it hasn’t hurt us thus far, it isn’t likely to. Assuming there is one. Heh… I wonder who it was. Not that I’m about to get out some candles and ask it. If anyone knows/is psychic, do you reckon you could investigate for me?]


One thought on “The Guest of Air [stone]

  1. Alex says:

    I’m psychic!!

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