Firstly, forgive me for my selfishness in not taking the time to read everyone else’s blog. There are a grand total of three things I do when I log onto my computer.

1. My weblog.
2. My email.
3. About 5 minutes on various sites to ensure I’m doing well.

If I have any spare time, I normally waste it playing something or rather. Recently it is RuneScape, but seeing as I recall how pointlessly frustrating it is, I refuse to play it again because in the long term, it does not achieve anything in life. Now, when I log onto my computer, I will sign into MSN. The exception is tonight, because it’s past ten, and I want to sleep so I don’t fail my tests tomorrow.

My flamboyance has finally caught up with me. All those 1337 ninja tricks and death defying stunts? No sweat, piece’a’cake. Tonight, at PLC, [dude] asked if I could jump onto a wall that went up to my chest. I had been considering it, just to see if I could do it, and I took it as an invitation to find out. I landed on top of it neatly with a few inches to spare and dropped off the other side. Easy. After a while I went back inside to make chat idly about things that did not interest me. I later returned to the drink fountain to quench my thirst, and the wall was about a meter away from me. It went up to my elbows now on the elevated side, so I looked for a fast, efficient and agile way of clearing it, as if a hoard of pirates were shooting at me. I decided to take one step on the bench and kick off the wall to land on the other side. I never got that far.

My joggers (damn them!) provided no friction from the years of wear. My left foot slipped on the bench, and unfortunately, my right leg was already in motion to swing over. I fell, and my knee collided with the bricks.

Pain. Pain, agony, excrutiation, infernal fire, whatever words you can think of to mean "Very very ouch". I do confess, two swear words escaped my lips, and gingerly, I collapsed onto the bench and huddled my knee. A pitiful scene, no? Everyone was inside, upstairs chatting, and I was out in the cold night by myself. I sat there for some time, leaning over the other half of the wall and waiting for it to stop hurting. I could not walk, so there was nothing I could do. I scolded myself for thinking such thoughts.
"It only hurts if you think it hurts." I climbed to my feet bravely and looked around. I was standing. Then I decided it hurt and I quickly leaned against mine arch enemy, The Wall. Gritting my teeth, I waited for a while. The wind picked up and I shivered. Cold and broken- what a sight. I heard footsteps, and I looked up, hoping it was someone who might help me inside, or at the very least, acknowledge my pain and so, share the burden.
"You will not believe how much agony I am in," I said as a girl stepped outside. She dashed quickly to the drink fountain not two metres behind me and just as quickly strolled inside. "Yeah, okay, you ignore me…" I said, somewhat bitterly. Great, I had turned invisible, too. Did she ignore me? Was she too scared to stop? Did she just not hear me? Alas, regardless I was left outside.

I do believe that I have hurt my knee quite badly. I don’t think I broke it, seeing as I can still limp, but the skin ruptured and there’s definite bruising. Signs of a fracture are minimal: Pain + tenderness (esp. with movement), swelling and bruising. Walking is painful, but possible, and the more I move my leg, the more I decide it hurts. Psychology can only take you so far. That, or I’m not trying hard enough. Either way, I accept this as the consequence for playing ninja. Of course, Mum doesn’t think I should see a doctor, because that would take time and perhaps a little effort, so I’ll just "take it like a man" and march around for a few days until it heals itself. I think I’ll give the acrobatics a rest for a while; at the very least, until my leg heals.



3 thoughts on “Yow.

  1. Derrick says:

    isn’t up to your elbows lower than up to your chest? unless you mean up to your elbows when you raise your arms high in the air.and besides i never try to clear anything higher than my neck by vaulting. for safety’s sake i just grip and pull myself over. less flashy, but cuts out a lot of risk of hitting the wall and hitting the ground on the other side too fast.

  2. John says:

    Thanks for the tip, but I would not attempt to vault something much higher than the wall.Wall. Left side, up to chest. Right side, up to elbows. Bench on right side. One foot on bench, tried to leap over the wall while my body was horizontal. Foot slipped, didn’t get that far, crash. Ouch.        |        |—          <- bench        |_______ <- floor____|

  3. Ivy says:

    Serves you damn right, seriously. You’re just like Steve Irwin only you like to wrestle walls.
    Take care of yourself, for goodness’s sake. There’s not even productivity in jumping walls.
    If you want to hurt yourself big time, join softball. (:
    —-end of softball commercial—-

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